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Common Sense

A Simple Plan for Financial Independence

This booklet made a profound impact on my life, and I have since learned that it is out of print, and no longer used by the company that Art Williams founded. I have spoken with several of their representatives (they have an office in my area) and I have written letters to the publishers. The Publishers have never answered my letters, nor have they been returned by the Post Office, so I am still unaware of their opinions as to my allowing this booklet to be available over the Internet.

Since I wrote one short article about it almost two years ago, I have been swarmed with requests for it. This took a lot of work. It took a lot of scanning and manipulating the images. I first tried to put it into Adobe Acrobat format, but it was so massive, that just the introduction was over 30 Megabytes. A dial up connection would have downloaded the introduction alone in about, oh, four to six hours. Broadband would do it much faster, but even for broadband, the whole booklet would have taken about 40 minutes.

Update: November, 2004: I have been given that file by a reader, and for those of you that have the patience to download it, and want to have a very printable version of the booklet, click here to access it if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader. Otherwise, you need to download Acrobat Reader from Adobe Website.

Click here to start. Enjoy!

Don't forget that the size of the files would have made it very difficult to host on the web, also.

I was reluctant to put it in picture format, because then blind readers would not have access to it, and that is an important issue to me. Yet, there was no way to do that which would be timely and not extremely time-consuming. So here it is, with apologies to my many blind visitors, in .gif format. To help preserve the appearance of the pages, both onscreen and in print, I arranged it so that you click anywhere on each page's picture to go to the next one. If you want to print them out, just use your browsers "Print" feature to do so. I promise, that as soon as I find a way to put these up allowing access for the blind, I will!