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September 11, 2001:

This candle was lit on September 11th. Don't let it go out. Share it with others that love America as much as you do. God Bless America, land that we love!Many heroes died that day.
It is up to us, the survivors, to decide whether they will have died in vain,
as helpless and hopeless victims,
or as the first heroes in the beginning of a struggle.

The Most Dangerous Place in the World ... Click here for full drawing.

So much has happened, and I have read so much quality information from so many sources, that I have chosen to post much of it here. I want to remember those that we lost that day, and to share with you the following things that I have read.

Here's a list of pictures and photos that were emailed to me, related to the murderous attack on September 11th, and the response of the American people since then. I have taken the slogan from the Gadsden flag to title the list, "Don't Tread On Me"

Here's a beautiful vocal/musical rendition of an email going around, where God tells you where He was on Sept 11th, and now.

Here's the speech given by Lt. Colonel Tim Collins of the Royal Irish Battle Group hours before their entry into Iraq in March of 2003.

America had a President tough on Muslim Terrorists back in 1804:
"Millions for defense, not a penny for tribute" - Thomas Jefferson, Founder of the Democrat Party, when asked if he would continue to pay tribute to the Barbary Pirates as had all of Europe and the previous President, John Adams. Instead of paying tribute, he sent the Marines ...  "to the shores of Tripoli."

Learn the latest about the Department of Defense's War on Terrorism at: https://defendamerica.mil/index.html

The next three are from Netsurfer Digest, 9/25/01: BREAKING SURF Greetings, America - My Name Is Osama bin Laden. First published in Esquire in 1999. The interview took place a few months prior to the orchestrated bombings of American embassies in Africa. By the time you near the end of this fascinating read, you will have learned that bin Laden has taken Islam and twisted it into something largely unfathomable to most of us. Frontline has a broader look at the man in question, along with an annoyingly poor interview tape - bin Laden made the cameraman use a low-grade video camera - and the BBC offers a shot at a profile in RealPlayer.