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About the Articles Found Here

The articles on this site, unless otherwise noted, are things that I have written over the years to help me process a situation. Some are written for the purpose of being placed on this website, but not that many. Often, to do more than that: to recover from something and move on in life. It is easy for me to be shallow on a subject, until something takes me deeper. That something has usually been painful, and so I responded. Here are maps of my 'incredible journeys' into the depth of my soul. I hope the journey's recollections are as profitable for you as the journey's recollections have been for me.

Yes, there are several articles that I have not written, and they are included because, like the books mentioned below, they helped me.

About the Books Mentioned Amazon.com logo

Books I mention here helped me, personally. I believe that I benefited greatly from reading them, processing the best in them, and applying it to my life. I never liked being preached at, but I have often appreciated being made to think deeper. Well, afterwards, especially when I am allowed to do it on my own pace! These books gave me that opportunity, and that is why I want to share them with you. I have also found that I often do things that these authors recommended, to my own advantage and that of others around me. I offer direct links to these books at Amazon.com, allowing you to read reviews about each book by several other people in addition to purchase them at this time if you so desire.

About the Websites Mentioned

Websites mentioned here are in keeping with the subject matter. I freely give you my opinion of them, and my involvement with them, if any, and offer you a chance to go visit. Many sources of information and support are now available on the internet, and it would be "old-fashioned" to not make mention of them here. Since I don't plan to list every site on the Web, I list only those with which I have had contact, and with which I am impressed. It's up to you to decide if I impress easily!

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May you hear, recognize, understand and respond when God speaks to you