Involved or Committed?

Our society in America today seems to thrive on people that are "involved" in many things. It seems that the more organizations with whom you are involved, the better that looks on your resume. Just as any career counselor that helps people get better jobs. I should know, my list is longer than average, at least it has been.

If you are involved in many things, that may be really great. It certainly is much better than only being involved with yourself. You have stretched your horizon and see more to life than just yourself. Great! You know that you are not the center of the earth.

It is also much, much better than those who are spectators in life. If you are a spectator in life, not involved in much at all, just watching it go by, that's okay if you are recovering from something awful. Once you are recovered from the trauma, however, it may be time to get back into the community around you.

Having said that, I want you to realize that there is a BIG difference between being "involved" with something and being "committed" to it.

For example, there is a difference in being involved in Little League and being committed to the Little League in your area. One describes a person that takes from the efforts of others in the league, the other is one that gives to the league. One enjoys the game, the other helps build the next generation of citizens.

What about politics? Many people are involved in a political party, and that is what they experience, a party. They go to the fund raisers, they love the smiles, they even love to bad-mouth the other political parties. Some however, are committed to the political process and the self-governing of their country. To them they choose a political party that in their opinion best serves the country, and they seem to be able to move above the "party politics" that seems to trap the other person.

Note the difference? Again, at least the one who is involved is involved, for there are many that have no interest in the political process at all except to complain about it, or to take from it. Many complain about taxes or government spending until they get a check from the government themselves.

Note the divorce rate lately, and you may start to think that there are many people who are involved in a marriage, but have never been committed to it.

At my in-laws fiftieth wedding anniversary in June, 2002 and young married woman came to my mother-in-law and asked her the secret of staying married to the same man for so long. The answer was: "Make the decision to do something nice for each other everyday."

The next morning, on the first day of their 51st year, she had fresh flowers from the garden at her kitchen window to look at while she made his favorite breakfast. They had lived her advice, which is why she could so easily give it.

For those of you who are married, commit to that simple thought, "Do something nice for each other every day."

Because of the demands that a republic makes on its citizens, we need people that are committed to making things work. Without those that make politics, little league or other groups work, those organizations won't exist. If those organizations don't exist, the interdependence of the community and society regress to a bunch of independent people, which is an awful step backward.

For those of you that are members of nothing at all except the ancient "the world revolves around my needs and wants society" get out of your self-centeredness. You have a great ability to give wonderful things, if you will only develop it and make this a better world for those that come after us. You have gifts and talents that if left undeveloped, will never bless the world through which you are passing. You will leave nothing behind for others, and that may not matter to you. Then remember that you will have left nothing behind for others to remember you by, either.

For those of you involved in many things, thank you. This world needs you and others like you. Consider if it may be time for you to decide which, if any, activities you want to become committed to, and which involvements, if any, may come to an end. Just as we need people that are involved in live, we truly need people to be dedicated and committed to wonderful causes and organizations. To make things work.

Being involved in life on planet Earth is one thing, being committed to it, to makeing this a better place for those that come behind us, is another.

As to the game of life:

Some watch, some play for their own fun and some play so they can win, and some play to make this world a better place for those that come after us.