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Media vs. Internet

Before the internet, the 'news' in a country could be controlled by controlling the print media. For example:

  • Shortly after the successful revolution, Lenin took control of the media. With it he was able to convince a nation of hard working people that the distribution of wealth was not their job, but the government's. What he did not accomplish before his death, his successor, Josef Stalin, did.
  • Shortly after "The Great War" also known as "World War One", the United States Senate refused to ratify a treaty that the president badly wanted. Influenced by strong public opinion expressed by the media, the Senate refused to ratify the charter for the League of Nations. In the decades afterwards, a large portion of the media changed hands. Next time, with a pro-United Nations media blaring at them, the Senate ratified the United Nations charter, and the United Nations was born.
  • During his rise to power in post-war, economically depressed Germany, Hitler grabbed control of the media. With its help, he was able to convince a nation of decent people to allow the holocaust, to become extremely arrogant about their own superiority and to believe they were entitled to benefits from their neighboring countries.
  • In 1961 when an American president was betraying his marriage vows on a regular basis, and all of Washington D. C. knew, the media kept it quiet. When another American president did the same thing in 1996, the media tried again, but because of the power of the Internet they failed.
  • In 1998, an American president was being impeached for violating his oath of office. It is widely known that he betrayed his country, his family, his wife and daughter. Yet, because the media was in agreement with his political views, they fought strongly to keep him in power, and won. Again, the Senate bowed to the media's wishes and the impeachment was not completed.

Now, we stand at a crossroads again. Along the road of revival in America in the New Millenium, as people try to re-instill values that the government has lost, what side will the media take? Will the media stay pro-socialist or will freedom loving people take over the media?

Or, will we merely take over the Internet, which the media desperately wants taxed, so that the truth and the true will of the American people can win again?