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Phases of Growth

There are many 'paths' of growth, and many 'stages' to life. Just look at the many ways that these are explained in our literature.

What I list below, always in a three-fold process for simplicity's sake, are different ways of stating three major viewpoints that people seem to take in their life, and hopefully progress through.

No one of these will fit everyone, but the general, overall picture that they paint may match most of the people you know, if not all of them.

Phases of Spiritual Growth
(from left to right)

Dependent Independent Interdependent
Childish Teenager Mature
Needing Advocacy Needing Instruction Needing Information
Self-Absorbed Others-Absorbed God-Absorbed
Dirt Unfruitful Soil Fertile Soil
Unaware Self-Aware World-Aware
Dead Sick Alive
Lost Found Disciple
Self-Centered Others-Centered God-Centered
Sick Normal Healthy
Apathetic Religious Spiritual
Hope Faith Love