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59 Awards Received!
since October, 1999

If I were still on active duty in the Navy, this would be the ‘I love me’ wall. Another way to think of this is as a ‘trophy wall’. However, the glory goes to God, who made all this possible. The quotes with each award are the ones given by the reviewers, with the newest awards at the top of the pages.

While these and whatever ones follow are very uplifting and humbling, they are not the reason for the site. Neither is the search engine rankings, which is also awesome. What happens in your heart is what counts, but even that is not the number one reason for this site. If you are curious about which of our hundred's of pages are the most visited and read, you can see our monthly listing of most popular pages.

The number one reason for this website, is for a distant, future time. There will be a time when I will have to meet someone face-to-face, and I will be both terrified and thoroughly excited. I eagerly anticipate hearing the phrase (in whatever language it will be said in, by the way) “Well done, good and faithful servant!” You can see why this website is the way that it is on the Site History page.

Just as wonderful is the feedback that people send me. It's great to read some of the feedback about being well compared to many best small business web hosting sites around, or to leave some of your own, go to the guest book. Actually, it's a feedback page now, the guest book had problems!

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