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I thank the authors of the following sites for their personal assistance and guidance:

I thank the people involved with the following sites because I went to them often for assistance and benefited greatly:

I used the following to get started, and am grateful for their support at that time:

I thank the authors of the following books: (yes, which I bought) (click on title to link to reviews/info at Amazon.com)

I have used the following software for this site (and others) and am grateful for all the time they saved me: (Yes, I bought these, too.)

I recommend the following free software for new computers, based on the setup of dozens and dozens of systems for people:

Windows Based, Free!

These Utility Websites I Use


cup name cup
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I learned to type on a Dvorak keyboard, which is MUCH faster than the standard Qwerty. To see the difference, go see this page. If you want to learn more,

In addition to everyone above, I received help from the following, among others. I am sorry if I left you or someone you know off the list! (I didn't pay them, they were extra nice.)

Tom, from Georgia, Fran from Wisconsin, Georgette from Texas, Peter from Kentucky, Dan from Virginia, Mark from Pennsylvania and Steve from Virginia.