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Dvorak Keyboard Layouts

Keyboards. How much do we even think about them? The original, the one YOU are probably using was designed to slow people down because the mechanical keys were hitting each other when fast typists would type. It was great for typewriters BEFORE they became electric, it really was. However, there are no quality reasons for us to continue using them!

Standard QWERTY layout
Image of standard QWERTY keyboard

So back in the 1930's a study was conducted to place the keys for speed, and the Dvorak keyboard was designed after a two-year study. It has not caught on because society hates change, especially when it takes training and work to make it better. At the same time, the same study researched and designed the 'best' key placement not just for the 'normal' two-handed typist, but for the one-handed typists as well. Here's the results. Oh, by the way, I type about 60 words a minute using the two-handed keyboard below. The fastest Qwerty typists I am told are at about 110 to 115 words per minute, while the fastest Dvorak typists are at about 155-160 words per minute, with some reaching over 200!

Dvorak layout for two hands
Image of Dvorak keyboard for two hands

The layouts below, were designed for one-handed typists, with the same attitude: The need for speed.

Dvorak layout for the right hand
Image of Dvorak keyboard for the right hand

Dvorak layout for the left hand
Image of Dvorak keyboard for the left hand

So, where do you get these keyboards? Good point, they are hard to find, unless you use the internet! My keyboard was purchased from www.dvortyboards.com