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Understanding other people,
especially those different from us.

If everyone else was like me, ... I still wouldn't understand them or their motives. Fortunately, most people that I have met, actually, everyone that I have met has been different from me in some way or another. More often than not, when I was younger, (like last week) it frustrated me. I was often misunderstood, not respected for what I valued nor for my skills, nor did they really listen. Yes, they treated me much like I was treating them. It was very lonely. Once I realized how important it is to understand people, and even more importantly in my case, that I needed guidance from someone who understood, and became willing to accept that help, wow!

Articles on Understanding Others
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The Fence, author unknown No, I didn't write it, but I could relate to it too well.

Quarrel of the Colors Note how silly they sound when they argue, they sound just like some of us!

The Cold Within Well, if you don't want to understand others, here's what happens!

What is Truth? This mysterious analogy is longer, but the point is clear.

Books on Understanding Others
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If Only He Knew, by Gary Smalley This book truly helped me and my wife set the stage for a better marriage at home. I needed it's help.

Please Understand Me by Marilyn Bates and David Keirsey This brings out the best of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, known as the MBTI. This told why others didn't relate to what I was saying!

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, by John Gray  I can't argue his theory as to why we are the way we are, AND I found myself both laughing and agreeing as to the wisdom in here. So did my wife!