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Reader's Comments

"Hi! I love your website!! I'm looking for the words to Desiderata. Do you have them?" (December, 2001)

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"Such a wonderful site! Very well done!" - Steve (totally blind visitor) (December, 2001)

"Andrey, I just visited your website and read the article on using the Lord's name in vain. I have to agree, that it is the answer of God. It hit my heart and I knew it was right. What a wonderfully detailed explanation and beautiful parable."  - visitor from Florida. (December, 2001)

"Andrey, Thank you for your research and your heart for taking time to find the truth. My heart aches with people throwing scripture at me without really wanting the whole truth. Sometimes well meaning people can rip you apart and throw patronizing comments your way. I cannot thank you enough for your website. It doesn't take my pain away but it gives me hope of a future. Why can't we encourage more and judge less? Please hold me and my family up in prayer as the holidays are so hard. I still pray for and love my ex-husband, and probably always will. But I need a future too. Thanks again, and God Bless." (December, 2001)

"Hi Andrey, Your site looks very interesting, I have been debating getting into online evangelism or some type of Christian outreach online. I have web page experience so that part is not a challenge particularly. I wondered how you started, what gave you the idea to use what you did etc. If you can spare the time I would appreciate any tips you can give. When I get a site up I would like to link to you if I may." (November, 2001)

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"The Internet today has become a wonderful conduit for spreading the gospel of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Your website, https://www.achievebalance.com/, is a perfect example of the fine material that can be found on the Internet." (November, 2001)

"Hi there. I stumbled upon your page on divorce and was pleasantly surprised at how sane much of your advice seemed, so I peeked at a couple of the other articles as well (the Pokemon article, the story "The Fence"). I haven't seen too many Christian sites on the web written by reasonable people. You're doing a good thing for your faith (and possibly for some random web surfers as well) in maintaining the site!" (November, 2001)

"I have found your site very interesting. Thank you for all the work you have put into this. It is hard to find quality sites." (November, 2001)

"I consider your words as "wise counsel" and they witnessed with me, as scriptural, heartfelt and merciful. You've helped yours truly, as a minister. Lord bless you for it." (November, 2001)

"It's great to see an non anti Semitic Christian there are surprisingly few of us!" (October, 2001)

"I really enjoy your web site. I have learned so many things since I began reading it. I am sure that if I read everything you ever wrote that I would no doubt disagree with some of them. But for right now there is not one single thing that I disagree with you about. Maybe that is the real reason that I like reading your website because it validates my own need to feel right. (Not that you're right, we both could be wrong - SMILE). But my spirit bears witness with your spirit that we both are children of the Living God and He has shown us much and we have much to share. I really like your article on "Who is Responsible for Your Salvation?"... May God bless you and may He continue to use you to be a blessing to others like you have been a blessing to me." (October, 2001)

"I enjoyed your comments regarding divorce. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am most happy to have read your words. They resonated strongly with me." - visitor from Michigan (October, 2001)

"I was browsing your site, and saw the quote of the day from John Wayne, "Life is tough. Life is tougher if your stupid." It is now our home school quote of the month."  - Bill from Virginia (October, 2001)

"I am an PROUD American and wish to thank Mr. Sinclair for his words of wisdom featured in his article-> America: The Good Neighbor my 12 year old daughter brought the article home from school and read it to me - I was touched to know that we to have Good Canadian Neighbors." - Michael (September, 2001)

"If you're going to quote Mr. Sinclair, it's best to do it accurately. The full text of his 1973 "American" commentary can be found at https://www.rcc.ryerson.ca/ccf/news/unique/am_text.html" - Jim (September, 2001)

"Please post that this radio broadcast (America: The Good Neighbor) was aired in 1973. Mr. Sinclair died in 1984. We can only hope that Canadians still feel like Mr. Sinclair did about the United States" - NJD (September, 2001)

"(Your version of) America, the Good Neighbor" is misquoted and doesn't have the source information included...You can find the original broadcast text at: https://www.rcc.ryerson.ca/ccf/news/unique/am_text.html Just think it's important to correctly quote the source and the text itself. Too many people are forwarding this message around after the terrorist attacks earlier this week. It should at least be done with the actual broadcast text and source info. Thanks!" - Cheryl (September, 2001)

Thanks to the three emails above, I have corrected the text on the page.

"The 'Way' I happened :-) upon this site I consider a "God-incidence". I was doing a search for "Just for Today" and have been enjoying going to many of your pages. (Second Corinthians, Chapter One, Verses 3 and 4) is what I have received. Thank you! May God reward you ... Lord hear my prayer." (September, 2001)

"I enjoyed my visit. Blessed site."

"I have enjoyed the site. It is truly thought provoking."

"What a load of bollocks!"

"Here I am once again. Not to share as much to learn. Sharing will come later." -- Visitor from Wisconsin

"Came for a quick visit to your web home here. God Bless."

"I think it is cool"

"Very informative place! Enjoy it very much! God Bless! -- Your Friend"

"Well, it took me a while to look really look through all that you have on your N.A.P.S.V. site, but it is incredible. Thanks for all effort that had to go into it. I know several people that I am going to refer to it because I hope that they can glean something useful out of it. I know I did." - visitor from Florida.

"I am writing about a website titled "Achieving Balance in an Unbalanced World". There was a speech on the site titled, "Speech Given upon Retiring from Active Duty in the United States Navy, August, 1996." Could you please tell me who gave that speech? I am doing research on the Navy squadron the Jolly Rogers and noticed that this officer had been a member of the Jolly Rogers. I would very much like to try and contact him if you have any idea how I might do that."

Thanks to the above letter, I corrected the date on that page (I gave it in 1994, not 1996! and clarified that it was my speech.

"I am very impressed by your website, it's one of the better pro-life sites! Thanks, (from) Ireland"

“I checked your site out It is quite inspirational. I have placed it in my favorites. I will definitely check it out again. Godspeed”

“Sorry to tell you this, but for some reason, the story of Butch O'Hare has been recounted almost word-for-word in at least three other websites...and the facts are totally WRONG! Please check the real history of a very brave fighter pilot before you try and pass this crap along as fact. Thank you. Oh, and should you want more information, please consult the “American Fighter Aces” Association for the REAL records of O'Hare”. - Visitor in February (see page for resolution!)

“Thank you for your help. You responded very quickly, and I couldn't even get responses from others. I will visit again, I have much reading to do!” - Visitor in January, 2000

“I enjoyed visiting your web page today! I found your site listed on the Awesome Christian Sites, and I voted for your site too!” - Anonymous

“On many of the pages which I went to, I had to view the source code because the page was displaying black text on a black background.” - Visitor in October

Oops! I have had more help from this nice gentleman and this problem should be gone now. If you experience the same thing, please email me. I have been trying to use the latest version of the programming language for websites, HTML 4.0, but some older browsers don't support it and funny things happen. We have also learned that I need to switch servers, and plan to do that by the end of October, 1999. - Andrey

“I found a lot of interesting material on your pages. By the way, do you know what most impressed me in your list of accomplishments? It was that you learned to play golf in order to spend more time with your father.” - Anonymous

“I just visited some of your pages and really like your website. . .” - Visitor from Australia

“You must be a very caring and spiritual person who loves people and to have fun . . . Your web page will be very helpful to me in not only in my search for a career after the military, but in life in general. I liked the one on Supermarket Approach to Life.” - Visitor from Virginia

“You site is HUGE.  Took you a long time to do this I'm sure.   Kudos to you.  When I need some input on things maybe you'd give me a few pointers.” - Visitor from Virginia.

“Andrey, I took a break and read another piece of your web site! The Confusion and Christians is great! I also got a chuckle or two! Unfortunately, I now realize that you have been observing me for more material for your web site. Hit a dry spell??” - Visitor from Virginia.

“Just wanted to let you know that I am impressed with your site--but even more impressed with your spiritual viewpoints and how you have interpreted them in your articles. ... You are very talented.” - Another visitor from Pennsylvania.

“Over seventy pages? I've got some reading to do!” - Visitor from Pennsylvania

“I have been losing sleep because of what you wrote. It's because you make so much sense that I just keep thinking about it. I don't normally think as deeply as you make me think.” - Another visitor from Virginia

“The fastest you've ever driven a car, huh? That's funny.” - Visitor from Virginia