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Harry Potter and my family!

Click here to order the book from Amazon.com! Yep, we are big readers of the Harry Potter books. I love them, and I love reading them to my children. I am not afraid of the fantasy side of these books. These books show the main characters being rewarded for being smart, courteous, thoughtful, inventive and for trying to do the right thing. There are also negative consequences for doing the wrong thing. Yes, the main characters also misbehave, but after all, in the first book, they are only 11 years old!

(If you think Harry Potter is evil, and should be avoided by Christians, please click here.)

But there's more. Let's go over the things that make a lot of sense, and which truly come out of scripture in the books.

  1. Book One: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
    • Harry's life is saved by his mother's self-less act at the time that Voldemort came for Harry. If she had stepped out of the way, she would have lived and Harry would have died. But, out of love, his mother saved him, which also (as we learn in later stories) put a spell of protection on him, which is as powerful as the Armor of God! She died at the hand of Voldemort, so that Harry wouldn't. Just as Jesus died on the cross for us, so that we wouldn't have to die the second death.
    • Also, the most evil character in the book, tries to kill young Harry when he is less than two years old. Harry survives that attack. Jesus also survived the attack on Him when He was less than two years old, but in a different way! So, in a way, both Jesus and Harry can be given the title of "the boy who lived".
    • Look at the school, Hogwart's. It has four 'houses' or groups within which the students are officially located. Sort of like fraternities. But look closer at what each one of those cherishes in the student! Bravery, Hard Work, Cleverness and Ambition. Those are all good traits, are they not? Oh, the book does warn that most of the 'evil' people are the ones that are based on 'Ambition'. Doesn't that sound about right to you? Of these four traits, the first three are not as self-focused as the last. You can be hard working without being self-centered. You can be brave and clever as well. But ambition is very self-centered. I agree with the author that Ambition itself is not evil, but that the path to self-centeredness is shorter for the ambitious than for the brave.
    • Another thing these four 'fraternities' bring out is the need to recognize that the body of humanity is made up of different parts, that are not all alike, that don't value the same things, but MUST work together for the best. If you think your kind is better than others, well, you have a lot to learn, "Draco".
    • The mirror of erised, which shows you the deepest, most desperate desire of your heart, is eschewed by the headmaster as something that doesn't tell you the truth, nor does it give any knowledge. He also states that it is not good to dwell on our dreams and forget to live life. Similiar to the phrase used of many Christians which says that they are "so heavenly minded, they are no earthly good!" That is also a warning to all those that either love or hate the series. Remember it is fantasy, and you have a life to live!
    • The Sorcerer's Stone (or the Philosopher's Stone): It turns base metals into gold, and through the elixir of life gives you immortality. Well, once you have matured in life, and have some wisdom, is it not true that everything is now gold to you? (To the pure, all things are pure.) Is it not also true, that some of us are immortal? That we have permanent, or eternal life? Yet not from a stone, but from a heart, when our own heart turns from stone to flesh!
    • Harry's touch is fatal to Professor Quirrell, because of Harry's mother's self-sacrifice. Harry's skin is soaked with Love. Well, ever hear of the armor of God? Isn't armor like skin? Isn't the sacrifice of Jesus also done in love? Aren't those that wear that armor very dangerous to Satan and his?
    • Note how the evil explain life: "There is no good or evil, there is only power, and those to weak to wield it." So well said! This is certainly Satan's view of life, and is held tightly by the most self-centered people in the world! Satan doesn't even see how self-centered he is, because he truly knows nothing else! So, when you refuse to use power to serve yourself, you are considered weak! (Good thing that God chose the 'weak' to be strong, eh?) Yet in God's eyes, that is when you are at your strongest!
    • In the book, there are three centaurs in the forest. Not all are willing to help Harry. Two of them are willing to let the evil one win, because they think it has been foretold by the stars. Yes, even here in reality, there are those 'philosophers' and 'prophets' and 'theologians' who watch life, and do not participate in it. Some say that those people are "so heavenly minded they are no earthly good." The centaur that did well, was the centaur that took action to help Harry. It sort of reminds me of the story of the good Samaritan, when the person that did well is the one that took action to help!
  2. Book Two: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  3. Book Three: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  4. Book Four: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    • That which other's mean for evil, turns out for Harry's good. Just like Joseph, Harry benefits from an attempted betrayal. He is only powerful enough to take on Lord Voldemort at the end because he was trained well enough to beat his classmates.
  5. Book Five: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    • Harry doesn't trust Dumbledore, because Dumbledore is withholding information from Harry. Harry takes this personally, not knowing what is happening and his trust of Dumbledore shrinks. How often do we trust God less because we can not understand what is going on around us? It is easy to continue to trust God when we like what is happening, yet tough to do so when we most need to!
  6. Book Six: Harry Potter and the
  7. Book Seven: Harry Potter and the