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Relationship With God

Many of us have heard the proclamation that "unless you have a personal relationship with Jesus you are going to hell". I do not want to either support or argue the point, but I want to help clarify something beyond that statement.

Will you admit to me that there are good people in the town or city in which you live that you have not invited to your house? If you have invited all the good people, you probably live in a small town or village, but for many of us, we can admit that we haven't allowed all good people is our part of the world to come into our house. I know that I haven't.


Think about it. Honestly. It is very possible that you have never invited them because you have no relationship with them. You don't know them. I do not condemn you for not inviting them, I merely point out that they exist, they don't get invitations, and they don't come over. It is not an evil situation, it is neutral. It is natural.

To get the invitation you need a relationship. Especially so for an open invitation for an extended visit. No relationship, no invitation, no opening of the door when you get there.

LISTEN! It's the same for heaven. Jesus says so Himself. If God has no relationship with you, you are not going to be allowed in.

Just as some of the good people in your town don't get into your house, and there's no question of whether or not that is fair, there is no question of whether or not it is fair for some good people to not get into God's house.

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Immortality is Eternal Life, and it is a Party! The longer a party lasts, the shorter a list of people invited. The longer the party lasts, the more intimate relationship you need with the host to get invited.

God Speaks Today: A section of articles showing how God has never stopped talking. Some of us may have stopped listening, but He is still active, loving and taking the initiative towards you today!

Section on Bible Confusion: A series of articles on Religious Confusion which comes about from the failure to recognize the above spiritual truth. Designed to help you become confused, and to help you get through the confusion!

The "Good News": Another series of articles on events in my life that had a profound impact on what I believe and why I believe. This shows my 'walk with God' or my 'relationship with God' over the years.

Personal Relationship with Jesus! How personal is a relationship if all YOU do is read things that were written about God hundreds of years ago? Do you treat Him as if He's dead?

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Experiencing God He's alive, active, at work around you and wants a personal, loving relationship with you! He's taking the initiative to make it happen, and invites you to join Him!

Spiritual Leadership: moving People on to God's Agenda. This is one of the greatest books on leading other people that I have ever read, or given to friends as a gift.

The Pleasures of God: If you want to get to know God better, it may be a good idea to find out what He likes, what He takes pleasure in. You may be surprised at what you learn!

The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson. This makes a powerful point, and offers you a radical way of thinking about your Creator and you!

Secrets of The Vine by Bruce Wilkinson. Sequel to the above book, it shows radically how the events in your life are the means by which God communicates to you. Not just to teach, but to touch as well.

The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz. Powerfully written, it made a lasting impression and change in my life. This book is not directly about God, but once you understand what the author is saying, and apply it to that relationship, it is a life-changing read!

The Spirit of the Disciplines by Dallas Willard. Powerful book on the reason and attitude of undertaking spiritual steps, about getting a better understanding of our spiritual side. We discipline ourselves, so that "we may decrease, that He may increase".

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. A great book outlining the value and 'how to' of the spiritual disciplines. Don't go overboard on them, but don't ignore them, either. We discipline ourselves, so that "we may decrease, that He may increase".