E. T.

What a popular movie, what a wonderful story, what a ... parallel (or paraphrase) of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

(If you think E. T. is evil, please click here.)

Huh, am I crazy?

Not at all. Let's take a close look at this movie, which touches the hearts of people the world over. Let me clarify that I do not believe that these amazing parallels were intentional. The director, Steven Spielberg is not a Christian, and doesn't want to hear about Christianity.

But my point is these reviews is that you can find God at work in the present as God was at work in the past. Through people. Some people willingly and knowingly serve God, some do it unknowingly. I believe that we can find God at work by the things that are decent and popular. When an undercurrent really makes an impact on people, I always suspect God is behind it. That doesn't mean I am always correct, but that is what I start to look for, and often find amazing things!

  • E. T. was left on Earth, alone. Jesus, as the only perfect human being was alone on Earth, too. They were both "one of a kind".
  • E. T. got great help from a group of children, Jesus got great help from the apostles.
  • E. T. gave the children a major project which united them and gave us the motto "E. T. phone home."  Jesus gave His apostles a major project which united them and gave us the "Great Commission."
  • E. T. healed physical pain of those around him that would allow him. Jesus did likewise.
  • E. T. had a 'favorite' among the children, as did Jesus.
  • E. T. died and was 'buried'. So did Jesus.
  • E. T. resurrected from that death. So did Jesus.
  • E. T. had his ascension and 'good-bye' scene. So did Jesus.
  • E. T. could make bicycles fly. Note the parallel with Phillip and the Ethiopian. Phillip wasn't riding a bicycle, but whatever his method of transportation was, he flew!
  • Both E. T. and Jesus was loved by those that understood them, and disavowed by those that didn't.

Movies and Books Reviewed:

  • Harry Potter
    Yes, I am a Christian who loves using Harry Potter to spread the Gospel!
  • Pokemon
    As above, I have found this very useful for pre-teens!
  • The Lord of the Rings
    The books are classics, and the movies are well done!
  • The Princess Diaries
    My daughter and I watch this over and over together!
  • Vampire Movies
    These are popular, and in a spiritual way, we are all vampires!
  • Saints of Virtue
    This is a computer game that my children and I love to play!
  • E. T.
    What a great, super-popular movie and Steven Spielberg had a surprise!
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    This is amazing in how it tells the gospel story, too!
  • Spider-man
    This movie has so much to offer, here's why!
  • Willow
    In so many ways, this movie reflects my walk with the Lord!
  • Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
    The urge for freedom, the beauty of servitude.
  • Star Wars (coming soon)
    So many religions are reflected here, especially Judeo-Christianity!