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From boy to powerful man:
Peter Parker comes of age.

This movie is wonderful. We took our children, ages 9 and 11, even though the movie was PG-13. We expected the problems to be with the intensity of some of the scenes, and we were correct. We didn't expect the volume to be so high, but my daughter coped by putting her fingers in her ears and staying that way throughout the whole movie.

This movie is packed with spiritual wisdom, for example: "with great power comes great responsibility". That has been true for thousands of years.

There are many parallels between the spiritually inclined person and Peter Parker, and there are also many parallels between Peter Parker and Jesus! Then there is the list between, between the Green Goblin and the unspiritual person.

Peter Parker and the spiritual man:

  • Peter Parker did not choose his power, it came upon him as he was focusing on love! In the same way, Christians don't choose God, God chooses them.

  • Our greatest strengths and our greatest vulnerabilities lie in our personal relationships.

  • Satan appears as an Angel of Light, and wants to use us for his own benefit.

  • Accepting responsibility for his inaction (the burglar kills his uncle) becomes the reason he uses his power responsibly. Many of us grow from the errors of our youth!

  • Peter paid the price for acting like the manager. Peter has power that he doesn't use. Like Christians who claim to be the 'salt of the earth' but refuse to come out of the salt shaker except to condemn people that are like they used to be!

  • We want to both "fit in" & help those that don't have what we have. We shift between the 2. Jesus, both God & man, filled 2 roles, both parts of the real Him.

Peter Parker and the Messiah figure:

  • Peter Parker promises M. J. that he will always be there to protect her, much as God makes the same promise to us.

  • Because of his acceptance of her, M. J. reaches the point at the end of the movie where she realizes that Peter accepts her as she is, the same way God accepts us, unconditionally. She doesn't need to change for Peter, just as we don't need to change for God.

The Green Goblin and un-spiritual people:

  • The lust for power is self-centered & evil. The Green Goblin wants was is best for himself, from his own point of view. He had no concern for innocent victims. This is typical of what we call today "suicide bombers" or other terrorists. Their cause is more important to them than the lives of people around them.

  • Satan (Green Goblin) offers friendship & self-centered power, without regard for others or "collateral damage". This further gives credence to the definition of 'evil' as being 'self-centered'.

  • When the Green Goblin can't get what he wants by earning it, he wants power to force it on others. In his case, he succeeds too well.

  • How many of us want to pass laws to force others to be like us?

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