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Stallion of the Cimarron

A popular movie about the telling of the West through the eyes of a powerful stallion. It doesn't want it's world to change, it wants everything to be the way it was when it was young.

  • Freedom from the man-made rules & oppression by other people is God's will for each and every one of us. Our circumstances will be different, and may not be pleasant. For those not free physically, it is God's will that you be free spiritually.
  • We fear servitude to others, wanting to be free to serve ourselves. While this has its merits, it is easy to forget that a life of servitude is our highest and best aspiration if we have wisely chosen whom to serve.
  • There are those that upon meeting the truly free, want to enslave them.
  • Total freedom (as some view it) is actually servitude to self, which is very selfish.
  • It is good to be chained to a soul-mate whatever our circumstances.
  • Sex is often used as bait to trap us, and it works except for those that understand how long-term commitment to someone beautiful on the inside, is better than an orgasm with someone beautiful on the outside.
  • Life is an emotional roller coaster, and both negative and positive extremes are reality, not sin. It is how we respond to those extremes that matters.
  • We don't know which way to run to be free from those trying to enslave us, we need help. We can not achieve what we really want in life by trying to do it alone.
  • Partnership with a quality partner is much better than total freedom.
  • Those who love us set us free from other people and themselves.
  • None of us can go back to our youth, we do better to try to make the world a better place for the youths that follow us.