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Yes, I often play this game with my children. It has been wonderful to use as a tool to teach them about life, as well. You can learn about the game play and the game itself at their website, www.saintsofvirtue.com 

The Saint, wearing the Armor of God, ready to do battle!No, I do not get any money from the designers for being so openly supportive of their game. The time with my children and in seeing them grow is more than enough reward for me. Whatever I paid for the game in the first place, I should have paid ten times as much!

Story Line:

The first of the major phases to conquer is the "Amphitheater of Apathy".

Here "Vanity" & "Worldliness" do their best to keep you apathetic about God and His plan. You must battle them through "The Caves of Loneliness", "The Pits of Despair", "The Mall of Distractions", "The Gallery of Nothingness" & if you succeed in those, "The Media Maze" awaits to ensnare you. Only by properly applying scripture to "worldly wisdom" found in the center of each of these arenas can you start to care.

You ask me how "Vanity" belongs in the Caves of Loneliness? Great question. But to be lonely, to be focused on your loneliness, is to be focused on yourself! It is 'vanity' to focus on yourself, even if it is focusing on things about you that depress you! Same for the "Pits of Despair". If you despair because you are focusing on yourself (vanity) or on what is around you (worldliness) you are in those pits!

Also, you are in "The Mall of Distractions" because of what the world offers (worldliness) for you (vanity). The "Media Maze" is no different, as you want the world to love you!

I won't go through how well they have chosen the enemies, how well they have pictured them, nor how well they have placed them in each area for the following three levels. Unless you ask, of course! Suffice it to say that I am very impressed by the commitment and spiritual maturity of the developers and designers!

Can you challenge the "Worldy Wisdom" with TRUTH?Next, you must make your way through the "Labyrinth of Legalism" so that you can destroy the "Palace of Pride". Only the words of truth can crack the 4 pillars that support the palace. Here "Fear" & "Self-Righteousness" do their best to trap you as you manuver through: "The Trap Dungeon", "The Abstract Maze" and "The Rules Maze".

After triumphing over 'Legalism', you find yourself battling your way in the "New Age Nirvana". Here you must find the God of the New Age and use Truth to destroy it. Beware, "Self-Glorification" and "Arrogance" will fight to protect their lie! You shall pass through "The Temple of Peace & Love", "The Shrine of Nature" and "The Temple of Man".

Know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free!Now the greatest of battles lies before you, as you enter "The Domain Of The Heart." Here you must find "The Throne of Your Heart" and place a new ruler on the throne. Only Truth holds the keys to the kingdom. Beware as "Worldliness", "Self-Righteousness", "Self-Glorification" and "Arrogance" will test you as you travel through "The Swamps of Selfishness", "The Plains of Things", "The Garbage Dump", "The Ruins of Pride" and "The Paths of Perseverance" on your way to "The Temple of Your Heart", and it's 5 chambers.

Will you find the help along the way? Will you stop and pray at the altar for 'wisdom', 'strength' or just to praise Him? Depending on the difficulty level you selected when you started, you may find yourself on your knees at the altar very often!