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This movie is also a favorite of many. It has so many aspects of a spiritual journey as well as the classic theme of good overcoming evil.

Note: This movie also shows some of the best understanding of the definition of "good" as well as the definition of "evil". The "evil" side is concerned only with itself. The queen wants to kill the baby so that the queen can stay as powerful as she is. The queen does not want to give up her throne, years down the road to this baby girl. In other words, the queen is "self-absorbed" and "self-serving".

Yet, while the baby, Elora Dannon, is capable of nothing except crying and smiling, she wins. Everyone on the "good" side does what they think is best for the baby. None of them are as self-centered at the end of the movie as they are at the beginning of the movie. They are the ones that truly grow, because of their dedication to the baby's cause, because they focus on someone outside of themselves. They make decisions and take actions that are not based on themselves, but based on someone else's best interest.

That one point alone explains why so many people are so touched by this movie. It has a very, very deep spiritual truth at it's surface. But, there is more!

  • The birth of the baby, Elora Dannon fulfills prophecy that this baby would be the end of the evil queen's reign and life. The baby is expected, hoped for and eagerly anticipated by some, as well as doubted and overlooked by others. Sounds like Jesus. His birth in your heart brings and end to the reign of "self" in your life.
  • The baby, Elora Dannon, is targeted to be killed by the queen at birth. Both Jesus and Moses were targeted at birth as well. Both of them are certainly looked upon as "Saviors" of their people, too.
  • Elora Dannon escapes this early death because of the actions of a mid-wife at the birth. So did Moses.
  • Elora Dannon also escapes later by floating down the river in the hopes of finding someone to take care of her. So did Moses.
  • The baby is found, and the immediate response of the first family is to want to raise the baby. Just like Moses. (In the movie, however, they learn that the baby is being pursued by the queen, and realize that it is too dangerous to keep it.)
  • When Willow much choose which finger has the most power, the answer lies not in someone else's hand, but in his own. We each have tremendous power to do good, it lies within us, and it comes to it's fullest fruition when it is used to serve someone other than ourselves.
  • Many of the "heroes" is the movie are normal members of their society (okay, some are not so normal) that have dreams and desires for their life. These dreams are never fulfilled in the way that was expected, but they are used to guide them in helping Elora Dannon.
  • Mad Mortagan, a thief, is saved from death when the baby enters his life. He is given responsibility for the baby, and while like many of us he fails in his first attempt, he has started on his 'spiritual' journey. Despite his best efforts, he becomes linked to Elora Dannon. Well folks, if Jesus enters your life, and the relationship is developed, you can't stay the same, either.
  • Also note that no one, I repeat no one on the good side has as much control over what is happening as the evil queen thinks she has. She is the greatest power on the evil side, while NONE of the players on the good side are the greatest power. This is just like life today. None of those on the side of 'good' have either great understanding nor great power nor great control, yet their side will eventually win over those that choose their self-centeredness and selfishness.
  • Those on the side of Elora Dannon get help along the way in the strangest ways, in ways they did not foresee. Many events that seem to be tragedies and mistakes actually turn out to help them greatly. This truly parallels the spiritual journey of many people. The list of examples of this in the movie is too long to mention completely, but here are several of them:
    • Willow is upset that the baby has been stolen, only to find that she was stolen by someone that was trying to help them, and had much to offer them that they needed.
    • Mad Mortagan is enchanted by the fairy dust and falls in love with Sasha, which ruins their plans. Instead of escaping with the baby unnoticed as they had hoped, they get to learn about Mad Mortagan's sword play and they get to a village where Eric is hiding and get his help as well.
    • the muskrat becomes a raven, which can them guide them the way that no human nor muskrat ever could on their way to the castle.
    • the raven becomes a goat, which is more helpful in the battle at the castle than a human would have been.
    • the existence of trolls at the castle is disgusting to our heroes, but one of them because their greatest asset in turning back the invaders.
    • When they want to lay siege to the queen's castle at the end, they are all turned into pigs. Since their army was really too small to storm the castle, this forces them to re-think their assault, and they find a way to get in with almost no causalities.

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