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Other Tidbits About Life.

It has been helpful to me, and the literally hundreds upon hundreds of people that I have worked with, to have a 'outline' within which to live life. The books below either reinforced my 'outline' over the years, or have challenged it enough that I went out and did something rash: I changed my view of life. My view, or 'outline', or 'paradigm' as some call it has a great deal of control over how I behave and respond. If you are not were you want to be, nor doing what you want to do, you may also benefit from fine-tuning your 'outline' of life. The first article below makes a good analogy of why 'normal' should not be good enough for you, unless you desire mediocrity!

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Nurturing vs. Non-nurturing FamiliesThis gives me a better idea of what details to work on to create the atmosphere I want for me and my family. I use this to help guide the atmosphere with clients as well. This article links to a great book on lousy bosses and dysfunctional work sites!

"12 Days of Christmas" origin I got this in a Christmas letter years ago, and it shows me how easy for me to pre-judge. I must learn to enjoy humble pie because I get to eat it so often!

Bible Book Search This is more of a game than anything else. Read through the article (you may want to print it out) and see how many Bible Books you can find in the text!

Origin of Santa Claus How the Bishop of Myra became a fat, jolly fellow and a spokesman for a soft drink.

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Man's Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl This psychologist's observations as a death-camp prisoner are amazing. He truly made the best of a bad situation. I benefited from his sharing from the laboratory of life.

Classic Christianity, by Bob George What is now in many churches is not what this book sees as the best. I agree. I believe that God also agrees.

The Screwtape Letters, by C. S. Lewis I have read this book every 4 years as recommended by the person that loaned it to me. It changed over time from being hilariously funny, to perceptive, to revealing, to thoughtful, ...

If Life is a Game, These are the Rules Ten Rules for Being Human as introduced in Chicken Soup for the Soul

Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments The world is a mess, but find personal meaning anyway!