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Time Elapsed Since Adam

If you want the timeline of history, stay here. If you want the timeline for present-day events or the future, go to: https://www.ad2004.com/prophecytruths/indexB.html

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This article represents a study I started back in 1982, trying to learn a little bit about the events in the Old Testament. I wanted to get a better idea of Biblical history. This is not finished. Even today, I find conflicts based on my understanding of scripture. Come with me as we learn some facts that you can not learn unless you do something crazy like this.

The tables below list a scriptural 'event', followed by how many years since the creation of Adam the event occurred, then the formula for calculating the Years AAC and finally scripture references for all this. Scholars use the Latin phrase "Anno Mundi" (AM) as the starting point for the creation of Man. I prefer the "After Adam Created" phrase myself, and have great respect for the other.

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Adam created 0 It's the start! Gen 5:1-3

*The third column explains the math of how I arrived at the year of the event. I assume that Adam's aging started with his creation, not with the exile from Eden. I am not looking into what happened before Adam, nor into how long it took God to create the universe. I am not looking into how old the planet earth is, at least not here. Here I am looking into the clock of mankind from the moment God breathed life into Adam. This will not date the planet, for the planet already existed. I base my findings here on several assumptions: For information on dating the planet, from the creationist viewpoint, one of the best websites is at www.answersingenesis.org

- I assume that all times in the Bible are accurate when they relate to individual people. Apparent contradictions merely need further study to understand.

- I assume that all apparent contradictions are indicative of our misunderstanding and misinterpretations.

Unfortunately, not all events listed in the Bible give a reference to when they occurred. An example of this is the birth of Noah's first two sons, Ham and Japheth. We know they existed, but there is no mention of Noah's age at their birth. In this case, we can build the timeline around these events, because we have other, solid statements. Whenever some fill-in-the-blank work has been done, I reveal it as such. Not because I am so open, but because if there are mistakes here they are mine, and I will need the help of others to correct them.

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Seth born, Adam is 130 130 0+130 Gen 5:1-3

Since Seth is born when Adam is 130, this formula is simple. This will be repeated very often, especially at this part of history, because of the tendency to mention the father's age at the time of the son's birth. Here are some more of these:

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Enosh born, Seth is 105 235 130+105 Gen 5:6
Kenan born, Enosh is 90 325 235+90 Gen 5:9
Mahalalel born, Kenan is 70 395 325+70 Gen 5:12
Jared born, Mahalalel is 65 460 395+65 Gen 5:15
Enoch born, Jared is 162 622 460+162 Gen 5:18
Methuselah born, Enoch is 65 687 622+65 Gen 5:21
Lamech born, Methuselah is 187 874 687+187 Gen 5:25

Those all are easy. Next we have the first recorded death of a 'patriarch'. This is not the first death (remember Cain and Abel?), but the first one where the sequence of time is available. Since Adam's age is given at his death, and because we know what year he was 'born', this is the easy death. Notice that eight generations of his descendents were alive at his death. What a large funeral procession it must have been!

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Adam dies at 930 930 0+930 Gen 5:5
Enoch goes to God at 365 987 622+365 Gen 5:23

Enoch was easy. The main reason I mention him is because of his unusual end. It is not recorded that he died, but that he 'went with God.' This is the first hint in the timeline scriptures about the importance of having a "great relationship" with God. For more about the importance of that relationship, see God Wants a Personal Relationship with You! elsewhere on this website.

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Seth dies at 912 1,042 130+912 Gen 5:8

Seth passes away and just a few years later, Noah is born.

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Noah born, Lamech is 182 1,056 874+182 Gen 5:28-29

Next we have four deaths in a row, which take almost 300 years to occur. It is feasible to believe that Noah knew each one of these men, and learned from them. They may even all be living in the same general area. Remember, the separation at the tower of Babel had not yet happened!

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Enosh dies at 905 1,140 235+905 Gen 5:11
Kenan dies at 910 1,235 325+910 Gen 5:14
Mahalalel dies at 895 1,290 395+895 Gen 5:17
Jared dies at 962 1,422 460+962 Gen 5:20

Noah's first recorded son's birth. Again, he has two brothers, but there is no information to work with on their ages. Genesis 9:20-24 makes it sound like Ham is the youngest of the three, but in fact it may be referring to Canaan being the youngest of Ham.

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Shem born, 97yrs
before flood begins.
1,559 1656-97 Gen 11:10

We are told that Shem had a son at age 100, and that the son was born two years after the flood. The flood (not just the 40 days and night of rain, but the time of draining afterwards as well) was almost a year long, so from that, we get Shem's birth at (100-3) years before the flood began. (I am thankful to a visitor from Australia that caught my oversight of the flood's duration! With help, we can help get to a better picture of what really happened! Thanks!)

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Lamech dies at 777 1,651 874+777 Gen 5:31
Methuselah dies at 969 1,656 687+969 Gen 5:27

Here's something we learn because of a study like this. Methuselah dies in the same year as the flood occurs! Did he die shortly before the flood, or did he die in the flood? Were there two righteous men before God while Methuselah lived, and God was waiting for his natural death before proceeding with the flood? We don't know.

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
The Flood, Noah is 600 1,656 1056+600 Gen 7:6

We can see by Noah's age, how many years since the creation of Adam until God let rain fall for the first time (Hollywood not withstanding, we should remember that rain had never fallen until the flood) and with the help of the "fountains of the deep" (ignored by Hollywood) flood the earth. In only 1656 years, our ancestors angered God to the point of virtually total destruction. (Are we any better, or is God holding on to His promise of never doing it again?) We also see, from this point on, the promise of Genesis 6:3, where God promises to reduce the lifespan of mankind down to 120 years, coming into fruition. Over the next few generations, the lifespan shortens and shortens. God didn't fulfill His promise on our timetable, but on His.

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Arphaxad born, Shem is 100 1,659 1559+100 Gen 11:10
Shelah born, Arphaxad is 35 1,694 1659+35 Gen 11:12
Eber born, Shelah is 30 1,724 1694+30 Gen 11:14

Here again we find something new. We can date the destruction of the Tower of Babylon, though we must do it indirectly. Note that Eber's son, Peleg, gets that name because '... in his days the earth was divided ...'. The only division of the Earth at this time is the one caused by God because of the Tower of Babel. 'In his days' happened before he was named, so I speculate that the division happened while his mother was carrying him. If I am right, then the Tower went up only 102 years after the Flood! That didn't take long, did it? So they went from 8 people, to a large, thriving population in 102 years.

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
TOWER OF BABEL 1,757 or 1,758 precedes next event! Gen
Peleg born, Eber is 34 1,758 1724+34 Gen 11:16
Reu born, Peleg is 30 1,788 1758+30 Gen 11:18
Serug born, Reu is 32 1,820 1788+32 Gen 11:20
Nahor born, Serug is 30 1,850 1820+30 Gen 11:22
Teran born, Nahor is 29 1,879 1850+29 Gen 11:24

From here there are two paths, both of which have their supporters, and I do not know which is more accurate. The difference is brought about by debate over when Abram left Haran. All agree that he left at age 75, but there are honest questions as to when he was born. Genesis 11:26 is read different ways by different scholars, making it difficult to date Teran's age at Abram's birth.

Since many later events are based on his age, this is important. Yes, I lean more towards one than the other, but for your study purposes, here are both!

So, for a timetable based on Abram leaving Haran shortly after his father's death; This assumes then that Abram was born when his father was 130 years old, but is listed first in Genesis 11:26 because of his dignity and accomplishments. (For all 8 pages, in one printable document, click here.)

or for a timetable based on Abram leaving long before his father died. This assumes then that Abram was born when his father was 70 years old, and is listed first in Genesis 11:26 because he is the first-born son. Since we know he left at age 75, this has him leave 60 years earlier than the above list. (For all 8 pages, in one printable document, click here.)