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Chinese Symbol for Crisis: Danger over Opportunity

A time of danger;
A time of opportunity

Very rarely do we ever go out and try to find a crisis that we can be a part of and experience. For most people, life is often a series of crisis's and we spend our energy running away from them. I have been blessed, in having several crisis's occur early in my adult life and that I had no chance to run from them. I was forced to try to survive them. I had to face them. I learned some things after about a half dozen of these not-so-wonderful events. Some are these are described here on the website:

So, what was the opportunity in each of these events? Very often, a chance to look back, look within and change the path that I was on. Sometimes, I changed course just a little bit, but small course corrections are a vital part of success. Ask any navigator, or astronaut, how critical a tiny course correction is on a long journey, and the will probably tell you that it is a life-or-death correction.

Oh, you say you are not on a long journey, therefore it doesn't matter if you make any small corrections! Well, you may be right. You may only have another week or so to live, but I don't know that. I believe that my soul will NEVER die, that it has the gift of permanent life. It is immortal. With that perspective, you can see why I believe in the value of even the smallest course correction!

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." - Winston Churchill

By they way, my body does not have the same gift, and that is a blessing. This body of mine has many limitations that it did not have twenty years ago and is gaining more and more of them as time goes on. It truly shows signs of wear and tear. It does not react to crisis in the way my soul can and sometimes does.

Chinese symbol for Crisis: Danger over OpportunityThe graphic at the top of the page and repeated here on the left is the Chinese symbol for crisis. It is composed of two symbols, one over the other. The top one (I am told) is the symbol for danger, while the bottom one is the symbol for opportunity. You can take that two ways I suppose. Either a crisis is an opportunity for danger or a crisis is a dangerous opportunity. It is easy to assume that the first definition is the real one.

But I prefer the later. I don't always remember that, so in the middle of a crisis I need to regroup, stop my emotional reactions and take a deep breath. I remind myself of the opportunity that is hidden (like the silver lining of the storm cloud) and try to find it as soon as possible. Talk about a difficult adventure! Try to find something you can't identify while all the time wanting to run from it!

No, I don't always succeed. I am human. The good news is that there have been several times when I didn't fail!

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