Voice of God

  • Hebrew prophets spoke it, especially when the people went off track. They were there as a form of "feedback" or "guidance" to the people that saw themselves as 'The People of God'.
  • God spoke to individuals, not through written words so much, but through their aural senses. Phenomena of nature were also used (burning bush, dew on the grass, a cloud on the horizon, the sun's position, etc.)
  • Already email has an intense history of misunderstandings, as people read, without tone of voice or pace to clarify the meaning of some phrases. This happens with all written documents, even the Bible. We have learned that reading someone's words is not as clear a form of gathering information as listening to them speak.
  • If you do not want a more intimate relationship with God than you have now, then He has no reason to speak with you other than to create in you the desire to have that kind of relationship.
  1. HEAR

    • God is still talking today. You and I have much to learn from Him, and He is trying to give us a chance!
    • God wants to get your attention, and He wants to spend time with you, because He loves you!
    • Not all parts of the body have the same function or tasking. Because we different things we need specific directions and we get those from Him directly.
    • Ask God to help you hear Him better!

    • Familiarity with the God & God's voice helps you to do this. Know what His voice sounds like by listening for it and hearing it. Soon you will be able to recognize it the same way you recognize the voice of loved ones or friends over the phone.
    • Also get to know Him by reading what He wrote, and you'll have a better idea of what He is trying to say, and of what He is like. Read it with the goal of getting to know Him better.
    • Ask God to help you recognize His voice!

    1. The message being delivered is for you, a revelation of God to you.
    2. Learn how God has chosen to communicate to you, and get better at it yourself!
    3. Ask God to help you understand Him clearer!

    1. Root word of "responsibility" is the 'ability to respond'
    2. Humbly take quality actions and make "Godly decisions".
    3. Remember that to whom much is given, much is required, so you have a greater reason to get moving now!
    4. Ask God to help you to respond.

You will learn that He speaks with one main goal:
To deepen His relationship with you.