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I came across your site through a google search for "Pokemon is evil". Well I must say, you have a really interesting and very nice website. There is so much to read. I have to admit, I only glanced through it but I will come back to it some time soon. Thank you for your opinion on the Pokemon issue. I'm not a fan of the little "demons" but I think they are cool, you have to love Pikachu.

A while ago I heard people over at a church I visit say that Pokemon was evil. I quickly said to myself; "what on earth?" I never bothered to check it out and thought it to be part of another conservative Christian paranoid phase. My church never mentioned them nor "forbade" them. Yet I was still curious yet not enough to really go out there and do a little research. I'm still looking for "proof" or something concrete so I can understand that point of view. So far all I have come up with is crap. I sometimes think that some Christians, instead of embracing or dealing with trends in a positive way turn their back on something that could be used as a good tool for understanding our culture and to help

The Gospel didn't call us to be outside of the world and build a protective bubble -yet it seems that way sometimes. Anyways, before I rant about my opinion on the bubble the Church has created -Christian music, Christian movies, Christian everything, I believe that if were up to some Christians we would have our own Clothing lines and food stores), I'll stop and say this one more time, thank you. I am glad there are people who stop to think and analyze things just a little more. I feel we criticize the social and cultural bandwagon yet we turn and hop on to another one.

Well, take care fellow brother in Faith and may our God continue to bless and guide you.
 - December, 2004

Certainly, the church while being the Bride of Christ is imperfect at this time, and guilty of many sins and mistakes. . . . so am I!

Hi there, just a quick note to say I enjoyed your website very much and found much of interest, you surely do have a great mind, or something to that effect. I will write again I am sure when I have read more, again thanks for the words. All the best . . . December, 2004

This is a fantastic exposition of where most of us are today - inside the door!  I pray I will stand by the door and put that hand on the latch!  Thanks for sharing this.

"Hello. I'm interested in the Common Sense booklet by Art Williams. I got up to about page 8 or 9 and couldn't continue for some reason. I'd really like to read the entire booklet!! Thanks, Alesia"

Oops! I have fixed the link, and am sorry for having
inconvenienced you and others! It works fine now!
Also, I have added the whole booklet in very printable format!

"I've been enjoying your site. There is a lot to think about. I especially like the idea that what you or I have to say doesn't matter one iota unless it was first said in the bible. The Bible is God's message to us and whatever we may say is just commentary.

I've been printing the articles and taking them to work with me so I can read them on my breaks. I've found that this can sometimes promote bible discussions with other workers. However, I've run into a problem with your site. Some of the articles won't print the last 8 or 9 letters of each line. Eg. BIBLICAL MATH MYSTERY SOLUTION FOR PI. Other articles like THE VISION OF GEORGE WASHINGTON print just fine. I've got 2 printers hooked up and it's the same for both. If I go to print preview it shows exactly what I'm going to get, so the computer and printers all tell me the same thing.

I'm still enjoying your site, it's just harder to share and discuss with others. I've recommended the site to several people and the easiest way to give them your url is to just give them one of the printed articles. Thanks again for all the thought provoking articles. I'll try to keep an open mind and a teachable heart. God bless you." - Bob, in June, 2003

For those using Internet Explorer 5.5 with Windows, you may get
better printing results if you upgrade (it's free!) to version 6.0

"Psalm 18 would be good to personalize." - Cathy, from New Zealand, May, 2003

You are right! Thanks! You can now read what I have named "The Soldier's Psalm"

"Who exactly are these "American People". Your America of the 1950s is dead; globilazation of the marketplace has caused everything but the caucasion power class (The 1% who own America) to degrade. Anyways, Jesus is not with you on this one. Read the new testament, and read the new covenant he set forth. Also note that Jesus commonly took company with sinners and hoars. You sir, I believe would not do so based on moral issues that have been skewed away from main stream Christianity by a small group of religeous radicals. Their name is simply the Puritans." - May, 2003

Please pray for this reader, who did not respond to my email asking them to clarify their comments, no did this reader understand my own tainted background.

"Hello, a friend told me about your site. My brother's in jail dealing with some issues, we sent him the personalized serenity prayer. I can't begin to tell you how much that meant to him when things were not looking so good. Not only were we able to put his name on it but the words carry a powerful message. Are there any other personalized scripture verses on this web site? Please pass along our thanks, you've done a wonderful job such an inspirationally site. God bless you all and watch over you. Second Chance Because Jesus Lives" D. - May, 2003

"Dear Andrey, This article (Divorce Ministry) is an answer to my silent prayer while attending a Passover seder last week. (It was sponsored by my friend's church.) While we lifted our glasses and matzo in blessing, the internal cries of my heart concerned my (unwanted and unsolicited) divorce. My marriage has been officially ended for over five years now, but in the last few weeks, I have experienced a renewed tenderness toward its end. I attribute this to the Lord bringing me through another level of healing. Surely, He senses a readiness not present before now. Anyway, it is apparent He is waiting to deliver me from the desert experience this has been for me. In fact, my specific prayer the week prior to the seder was, "Lord, please free me from whatever bondage I am feeling." You know what? He ANSWERS our prayers. I write this message of appreciation as tears are flowing from my eyes. Hopefully, the Lord will assist me, where my words fail, in conveying my thanks to you for posting this article on the internet. Bless you." - April, 2003

"So God is speaking to you is he? I think maybe you should try & return to the world of reality, & admit to yourself it is just a voice in your head, which probably means you are already borderline insanity. There is no God, he is a 2000 year old myth. You have never seen him, he has never answered your prayers, after all praying is 'trying to send a message from your brain to something that doesn't exist'. Really juvenile in reflection isn't it? You may as well pray to a rock, you know the result will be the same, NO RESPONSE!  And if you think that you hear him speaking to you, then it's time to visit a psychiatrist at once. Sincerely, W." - March, 2003

W., I appreciate your honesty and admire your openness and vulnerability to a total stranger. Do you have a sense of humor? I continue assuming the answer is yes, even though you have already demonstrated very little confidence in my ability to assume things! <grin> You have never heard me speak before, did you send this email to a rock? You have never seen me, I have never before this answered anything you have ever said. I am only a myth of the last few minutes of your life. I am qualified to do counseling if you believe that based on the three sentences above, you need it. In jest and humor, in love and joy, 

"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading the articles on your site.  I don't get there as often as I'd like, but when I do there's always something new and thought-provoking. Keep up the great work! Sincerely, Dave." February, 2003

"Andrey, I'm interested in helping you may a "solid model" of this graphic; (for the story, "One True Shape") however, I don't follow your explanation of "cut two side of the triangle from the top." If you can provide me with some additional information, I'll certainly do my best.  I could create a solid model in Pro/Engineer which is a 3-D engineering software. Let me know if you can give just a little more info. - Tommy" February 2003

I gave him some more information and Tommy, thank you so much for
your graphics. Tommy worships at Chesnut Mountain Church in Georgia!

"After reading your article on Cancer Cells, it's as though the Lord shone a light on the disease, but also on "walking in the spirit." Thank you. Your website is included in my "Favorites" because I really want to read everything there. - February, 2003"

(In response to reading the article on divorce) "Wow! Andrey, that was a great article. I wish every Church would read it. It seems some Christians don't understand until it hits close to home. I really like your analogy of the death of a marriage because you do suffer divorce like a death. I feel at peace with God over my divorce I know I couldn't stay any longer than I already had. one person building up and the other tearing down wont work. a house divided will not last. I just want to make sure that if my x husband changes and If its Gods will for us to be together again that I will not harden my heart but to be willing to say "not my will but thine Lord" Its very hard for me to imagine myself in that situation again. Like being freed from prison and willing to go back again. I also know that with God all things are possible. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks for sharing the article you wrote. God Bless you! - January, 2003"

"Hello, I noticed that you have an article on your website https://www.achievebalance.com/think/killanamerican.htm that needs some clarification and correction.  The real author of "Killing an American" is Peter Ferrara and here is where the original is posted: https://www.nationalreview.com/comment/comment-ferrara092501.shtml  This includes the entire (the article posted on your website isn't complete) article with no added lines (as in what you have posted). Just thought you would like the facts. - Angie" - January 2003

Angie, thank you so much for correcting this wrong, and I hope
people will read the original was as much enthusiasm as I did.

"I was saved over 40 years ago and I want to know just EXACTLY how you can possibly have a personal intimate relationship with someone you cannot see, hear, feel, or sense.  You cannot sense or feel a spirit.  So are you people just imagining what you think Jesus is in your minds and determining that you have a personal relationship from your mind?  In other words after you read and study the bible, you just psyche yourselves out that you have some kind of relationship where Jesus actually SPEAKS to you?

Don't misunderstand me, I am not being sarcastic but I have heard so much about this supposed personal relationship and other than just believing God hears me. I just do not see it. I would love to have this fulfilling personal relationship where God/Jesus answers my prayers, comforts me, provides me with joy etc. Everything he said he would do but to be honest unless I just imagine it in my mind, there is no such thing for me. I do not find that studying, believing and reading my Bible provides any such comfort. So please explain this to me. I am not looking for an overwhelming emotional experience but surely you should feel something every once in awhile. I do not see that God answers prayers no matter how much faith you have or how many times you speak his word over your problems etc. In other words... it appears that many of his promises are false. And I think that most churches must think so to judging by how many follow James 5:14.

I have been diligently seeking God for a long time now and I do not feel a bit closer than I did before.  And yes I have prayed and prayed. Just how do you spend time with someone you cannot see, hear, feel, sense or touch? To be honest I am losing all faith in God or his word. I have almost decided it is just to program your mind and I can do that with cassette tapes. If you can provide some answers I would appreciate it. Thank you (name withheld for privacy)" - January, 2003

My answer to her was quite personal, so I do not offer it here.
This website is written for her, among others. Please pray for her.

"Charlie and I were delighted to see that you used his poem "Please Hear What I Am Not Saying" on your website.  It was published in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, but was actually written by Charles C. Finn more than 35 years ago. Did you know that Charlie also has a website with the story of how this poem got from a high school teacher handing it out mimeographed to students and friends in Chicago to publication around the world even before the days of the Internet? The site also contains more of Charlie's poetry. Visit us at www.poetrybycharlescfinn.com and tell us about you and this poem. We are collecting stories.  Thanks". - Penny Finn - December, 2002

(I added his authorship on the page in addition to the publishing information!)

"I like this quote: If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough - Lowell Lundstrom" - November, 2002

(added to quotes list on home page!)

"Dear Sir, Like you I have been duped.  Several years ago The Ithaca journal printed what they claimed was Lincoln's 1863 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation.  I clipped it out of our newspaper and have shared it with many people since.  In light of 9/11 it seemed even more significant.  I recently went to use it in a paper I was writing on the topic of religion in the public schools.  Wanting to cite it correctly, I went to our public library looking for a primary source.  Much to my chagrin, I found that the beautifully written proclamation on my clipping apparently wasn't Lincoln's proclamation.  And, in fact, Seward wrote the actual proclamation for 1863 and Lincoln signed it.  However, that still leaves me wondering.  Who wrote the proclamation that so caught my eye and spirit?   It is written in a style that seems lincolnesque, it is much more elegant than the proclamation written by Seward.  I assume that my clipping is the same proclamation as the one you posted. Sincerely, B.M." - November, 2002

The internet carries many false stories, some by well-meaning people just repeating what they found elsewhere. The best information on Thanksgiving is at: https://www.plimoth.org/Library/Thanksgiving/th1.htm

"I saw your website and read many articles on it. I specially liked the article on recognizing God's voice. It was indeed a valuable experience to visit your site." - November, 2002

"There is nothing wrong with pokemon, it's just a cartoon." - November, 2002

"Hello Andrey: Kevin here with rave reviews for a wonderful site. I enjoy the information that your site has, and just want to say, keep up the good work." Student, Virginia Commonwealth University October, 2002

"Just wanted to thank you for the reinforcement I received after tracking with your timeline.  I did an initial draft simply based on the "begats" in Genesis.  I was reassured to find yours to be very similar.  Thought you might like to know that Methuselah's name means "after me, it comes", suggesting of course that judgement (flood) was withheld until after his death.  That doesn't mean the two events could not have happened in the same year, however.  Stay well and keep plugging away." - Jane, October 2002

"Is Pokemon for God or the devil. I want to know the truth! Please e-mail me the answer. Thank you." September, 2002

(Email answer shown here:) I hope that you are willing to struggle to get the truth, because your question is a twisted one, is it not? Since "things" can not be evil or good, but only as to how people use them, the question should be, "Is this man using Pokemon to glorify God or to glorify the devil?" Some people use the Bible to glorify themselves, and that is wrong, don't you think? I hope that I use (I would benefit from your prayers) the things that I find in this world to glorify God and not myself nor the devil. I apologize for not answering your question, but I am convinced that a "thing" can not be for God or for the devil, only people can.

"Hello, I just visited your website about Achieving Balance. I think this is something we all need. I also was very impressed by your message - it is also very balanced and shows God's love. If it's okay, I'll put your banner on my one site www.rainbowministries.com and I intend to put it on my other site www.lifeturnministries.org My sites are not nearly the great work yours is! Keep it up. I'm really glad your site shows a spirit of understanding others. I did not see a guestbook for me to sign or I would have signed it vs. email. In Christ, Erich" September, 2002

"Thank you for your wonderful article on divorce. I was married and neither of us were Christian. I became a Christian and was profoundly changed. He said you are the same on the outside but different on the inside. Being a new Christian, I was just learning the Bible, and desperately wanted the marriage to work. I now loved him in a way I could not have before. He wanted a divorce and made it clear there was no reconciliation between us. I talked openly about it, got counseling, repented, prayed often, and made it through a very difficult time. I am married to a Christian now. How different this marriage is from my worldly marriage! The light and dark have nothing in common. I tell people who are hurting that God loves you just as you are. We have all made decisions in our lives that we regret. Run to Jesus, not away from Him, and He will heal your broken heart and bind up your wounds. Love in Our Lord Jesus Christ," - Visitor in July, 2002

"Praise The Lord Andrey! I have viewed your site and I must say you have an awesome site with lots and lots of good points. However I cannot give you the award you applied for because of my belief in Pokemon and Harry Potter. I believe these to be demonic. I whole heartily believe in the Bible from Genesis To Revelations and everything points against spells, witchcraft etc. My desire is that you will research these books from a Christian point of view." - Visitor in May, 2002

By the way, I believe it is acceptable for quality people to disagree on minor points, and
that I did research these from a Christian point of view. Note my section on reviews.

"I want to thank you for your message. Your Spiritual wisdom comes through to me. I found your site, www.achievebalance.com  and I will spend more time there to enhance my other spiritual studies and growth. Your Spiritual wisdom is there, at the site, in your witness, too. I have not been a strong believer until recently but I have stayed close to the teachings of Jesus and prayed to Him in hopes that He is real. I am a true believer in Jesus and his Salvation today and I am thankful that He had the patience to wait for me to come into His Light. Although I have spent the day with bibles and study lesson, I was looking for more guidance and thought provoking understanding on this. I might find it on your site. It appears to be a good place to look. Again, thanks for your thoughts." - Bruce In LaGrange

"Dear Andrey, This is just a quick note to thank you for your website.  It has proved a blessing to me.  I am going through some storms right now and your website helps me to keep my focus on Christ.  Achievebalance is my start page and every time I glance at it I have my focus redirected.  Thank you. In Him. " -

"I have visited your web site at: https://www.achievebalance.com I love it!" - Walter

"I found your site while looking at blind ministries. My wife is blind and a seminary grad, and I spend some time looking around for her, though she is quite able. Your article on divorce is quite good, and I basically agree with it. I have been through the pain of divorce and remarriage and have faced that stigma for 30 years. The churches are basically unforgiving." - Visitor from Virginia

"I read this scripture tonight, (John 5:39-40, NIV) You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life. and thought of your article about having a "Personal" relationship with Jesus. - Visitor from Virginia

"I love it when someone inspires me to think outside the box!  I have always cringed at hearing God's name used irreverently, but you have taken it to a whole new level.  Thanks" -  BG (referring to article on Taking God's Name in Vain, )

"What a great site!!! I really got your message about getting to know God. I have been reading the Bible for a while and find it helps to keep me fit spiritually. But when I asked God to lead me and show me how to get to know Him - that was a tremendous spurt of growth for me. It has taken me 47 years to realize what my purpose in life is, and that's to know God. Jesus is the way, the light. Thanks for sending me your site. I am currently doing a complete site revision and hope to have it done next week. Would you like me to add your site to our spirituality section?" - Steve https://www.ni-cor.com

"I've been perusing your site and continue to be fascinated! You're a faithful and accurate witness" (May, 2002) - Visitor from Virginia

"Harry Potter might be alright, but it contains wizardry and witchcraft. Now, I'm not sure in which book, chapter or verse it says that, but the Bible says in several places NOT to encourage/practice wizardry. Now, you might not be practicing it, but you are basically encouraging it by reading it to your children. I do not read Harry Potter because it is spiritually unhealthy. Also, I would like you to know that the third commandment says you should not take the Lord's name in vain. This means taking it uselessly or degrading it, like when you say "Oh my God!" for something that has happened, but it isn't really important. Also, using euphemisms is bad. Like saying "gees!" is a euphemism for "Jesus!". And Jesus is the son of the Lord, and the God of the old testament, so it is just as bad as to say that as saying 'gosh!' (as euphemism for God)." - Visitor from Canada (March, 2002)

"I really enjoyed my visit to your site." - Renee' (February, 2002)

"Hey there :) Thank you for this great site! I came across it while working with a school project about Helen Keller. My teacher found out I was reading Christian stuff and became angry at me, but hey, I don't care! I want more from God! I am a 18 year old girl from Norway, and I am blind myself. I really want to know more about God and to find out more about this website of yours. it is great that you have a "text only" version of this page. God bless your work a lot! from your sister in Christ." (February, 2002)

"I read your article/thoughts on divorce. ... I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to research the issue so well (and from a Christian/Biblical perspective). Hopefully, you are sharing your thoughts with Churches and Ministers/Pastors/Priests/Etc and you are somehow involved or connected to people divorced/going through a divorce/or considering a divorce. Very well written. Very inspirational. Very well timed." - Gladys (February, 2002)

"Your Daily quotes go by much too quickly. Not time enough to read the quote, let alone the time for pondering its profoundness ..." - Mike (January, 2002)

I slowed the quotes on page somewhat, and made
the note about the larger, slower quotes is a larger font!

"I found your web site when I stumbled across it looking for info on Butch O'Hare. While I enjoyed browsing through other unrelated parts of your web site, the info on Butch is a bit different then what I found elsewhere. https://www.acepilots.com/usn_ohare.html seems to have a fairly accurate rendition of the action in which he won the Medal of Honor." - Jay (January, 2002)

"Hello, I came across your article titled, "Did you see me there?" and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated reading it. Thank you so much for posting it online. God Bless You. Sincerely, Joyce" (January, 2002)

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