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Yes, the rumors are true. My children had quite the hobby and craze when they were younger. Forget Star Wars, forget Legos, forget Barbie. Or to put it another way: "Gotta forget them all!" Actually, we have spent more time playing Runescape and DDO lately, and have fond memories of our Pokemon experiences together.

(If you think Poke-mon, Runescape or DDO is evil, please click here.)

So, what were we doing? Collecting and playing with the playing cards, playing the game on the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance SP, the Nintendo 64, the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo Game Cube and the Nintendo Wii. Collecting Pokemon cards is a bit like collecting Youtube views, sometimes you get them, sometimes you buy them.

The cards are also fun, and if you don't shuffle the deck well, you may end up a loser, no matter how much money you spend on a deck, nor how well it is designed! By the way, all these balls in the background are called “Poke-balls” and are the portable carrying cases in which Poke-mon are carried by their trainers.

There are many adults that do not understand Poke-mon, and as a result, are afraid of it. That list includes many, well-meaning people that think the children should be shielded from such things. I agree that children should not learn Poke-mon on their own, just like they shouldn't learn about sex from the street. However, I am an involved parent, that will stand-in-the-breach on tough subjects for the sake of my children. Also, on some of them, we have fun together!

Yes, we have a Nintendo 64 and play Poke-mon Stadium and Poke-mon Stadium 2. Our 2 Color Gameboys, Gameboy Advance and 3 Gameboy Advance SP's allow us to play Poke-mon in another way. Since this post went up years ago, we have also acquired 2 or 3 Nintendo 3D XL's, along with the X and Y Pokemon Packs. We have a Red Pack, 2 Blue Packs, a Yellow Pack, 2 Gold Packs, 2 Silver Packs, 3 Crystal Packs, 3 Ruby packs, 2 Sapphire packs, 2 Leaf Green packs and a Fire Red pack. We also have three customized decks of cards each, as well as a thorough collection of the cards. Several neighbor children are also involved with us in our little circle. On this website, I list the things that we have studied, to help us do better. Browse around and enjoy learning! Here's a link to a very nice Pokemon X/Y Item List!

Pikachu Let me ask you something. What makes something evil? Is mentioning violent death evil? Especially if it is done in detail? How about mentioning evil spirits? What about heathen Gods? How about mentioning incest, rape, murder, burglary, robbery, adultery, divorce, lust, pride, conceit or any sin? Well the Bible mentions all of those and it is NOT evil. (If you think Poke-mon is evil, please click here.) For those interested, you can read my "Open Letter to Satan" since we are on the subject of evil.

I believe that a 'thing' is evil or is being used in an evil way if it TURNS people evil, or if it brings out evil that is within them. Then it is evil and is better left alone, or needs to be attended with mature supervision. (My definition of evil people is that they are self-serving, concerned with themselves above all things, and thus people around them suffer. You know some people that fit that description.)

Look, even Pikachu is trying to Achieve Balance!ALSO: I believe that nothing catches on this much this far this fast without having some TRUTH to it: Fads, must appeal to something deep within us. That's why I believe that Poke-mon has many of God's truths in it. No, they didn't plan for this, but they didn't know what they were doing! That's true of many things, for example:

  1. The fastest growing organization in the world is the 12-step groups based on Alcoholics Anonymous. No one wants to grow up and be a member, but despite that, they are growing by leaps and bounds. I believe it is because of the TRUTHS that they teach. I have listed those truths at www.achievebalance.com/twelve/ 
  2. Communism has grown very rapidly on this planet since it was introduced, and I believe it also has many truths in it. Unfortunately, "pure communism" will only work when people have no humanity left in them, and they are ideally divine. As long as we are part human, and thus at least partly self-centered and self-serving, (partly evil, that is) communism and its sister socialism will NEVER work on earth in the long term. History supports me in this.
  3. See my article on "What is Truth?"

Enjoy this site, it offers much for many Poke-maniacs!