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Pokemon and Scripture!

So, based on that "theory" of mine, here are some spiritual parallels between the world of Poke-mon and what I believe is the reality of this universe in which we live:

  • From the Television show and all the movies:
    • Poke-mon are wild creatures, that can not become mature and responsible unless they have a high-quality human trainer mentor them over a long period of time. Sounds like normal, average people is this life! I often kid my children that they are my Poke-mon and I am their trainer! Better yet, that all humans here on earth have a trainer in heaven than is helping them grow spiritually. My kids get the point of what I am trying to say. More often than not!
    • Poke-mon trainers are not doing their job well if they abuse their Poke-mon, or use them purely for personal gain. (See my definition of 'evil' above.) They need to respect their poke-mon and earn the respect of their poke-mon by both their own actions and by the way the trainer treats their poke-mon. Sounds like life on Earth, too!
    • Wild Poke-mon tend to be immature, self-centered, overly competitive, unaware of their potential and doomed to stay that way if they stay "wild and untrained". Sounds like some people I know, including me! My only hope was to get a trainer (mentor) and to take my spiritual life seriously enough to care about it.
    • While Poke-mon do enjoy fighting, and have a competitive nature, it is NOT their highest achievement nor use. It is merely part of their learning about themselves and their relationship with their trainer. Sounds like life on Earth to me!
    • If you want to do well in Poke-mon, you need to read. Nintendo publishes a great hint book for the game and for the card game. You can play without reading these books, you will do better if you use them to guide you! Hm, reminds me of life on this planet, as we have both the Old Testament and the New Testament to guide us! (Some say that "BIBLE" stands for "Basic Instructions for Before Leaving Earth".) We also need to read in order to do well in this life from our trainer's point of view!
    • In "Poke-mon, The First Movie", the main battle is brought to an end when a trainer dies trying to stop the fight. The Poke-mon who realize why he died, have a change of heart. This also sounds like life on Earth to me! Doesn't the battle within my own soul come to an end when I 'die to self'? Didn't Jesus die and get resurrected in a similar way? Didn't He die to end the battle?
    • Each type of Poke-mon has its strengths and weaknesses. The best 'team' is not one that contains all the same poke-mon. It is one that has a variety, using the gifts and strengths of several different poke-mon to be a balanced team. Don't churches also need members with differing gifts to function as a team for God? Imagine a church that had only ushers! or only preachers! (See my article on Spiritual Incest for more on this.)
  • FROM THE MOVIE POKE-MON 2000, especially from the legend:
    • Only the "Chosen One" can save them. No one can do what the "Chosen One" can do. Much like Jesus, only He could save us and only He can do what He did!
    • The Legend is not accepted by scientists (the part about a river, from which all water on the planet is generated) and they dispute it, but the scene near the end proves science wrong and the legend correct! This will happen for us as well, when the "River of Life" shows itself.
    • The "Legend" is to be read carefully, and a literal reading suffices for many. However, one gets more truth out of the "Legend" when they go beyond the literal reading, and look at the world around them as the Legend is being fulfilled. This is true of today's world as well! If you trap yourself into accepting ONLY the literal reading of the Bible you miss so much. (Again, What is Truth?)
    • The "bad guy" in the movie, views Poke-mon as things to be collected, not as creatures to be trained and cared for. Let's see, the true evil about slavery was the view point that slaves were possessions, not people. Hm, sounds familiar! I believe that Satan wants to collect people, while God wants to nurture, care for and enjoy (or LOVE) people. This bad guy doesn't see himself as evil, he says of himself, "I am not a trainer, I am a collector."
    • Letters (the Unown) form together to create words which can become a fantasy world which is more pleasant than reality, but at the expense of the real world! People can spend their lives in "Poke-mon" or in their fantasy world or trapped by their beliefs which are not accurate or even at their "Church" to the detriment of their loved ones and themselves.
    • To become obsessive about one's 'dream' or 'fantasy' is not the best way to handle reality. Our 'dream' can get a life of its own and take control of us! (Ask any addict that wants to stop.) We certainly all know people that are 'so heavenly minded they are no earthly good', and we know people that are in denial of reality. In this movie, a little girl escapes reality and causes great havoc around her.
    • Entei's (he is the father-replacement in her fantasy world) goal of "happiness" for Molly (the little girl who is the main character of the strugle) is not best. He wants her happy above all else, and we see that trap her and others. Any parent that puts their child's happiness above the child's ability to handle reality is a parent that traps their own child. Many of us fall into this trap, don't we?
    • We can create a better reality for ourselves, and the first step is to dream of it. The next step is to deal with reality. The little girl does get her family back, but only once she lets go of her escapism. When she starts to think of other people, she starts to grow up.
  • From "Pokemon 4 Ever"
    • When you hear the Voice of the Protector of the Forest, stand still. This almost sounds like the scripture that read "Be Still, and know that I am God", doesn't it? (For more on hearing God's voice, go to www.achievebalance.com/data/voice)
    • The Protector (Celebi) can travel through time, just as God is outside the time stream and not limited by it.
    • The relationship between Sam and Celebi saves them both, and reflects the importance of our relationship with God.
    • Evil, self-centered people seek power over others, and the enemies of such people seek to allow others to be free.

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May you Hear, Recognize, Understand and Respond when God Talks to You!

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