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Politics and Economics

There are many things that fall under the subject of politics, and here are some of my ramblings. Some of these, are not mine and I hope that all of them help you to think about how government should work, and what you can do to help your country have a better, more responsible government.

Abraham Lincoln made a great speech long ago, which used the phrase . . .

"government of the people, by the people and for the people"

Many have since forgotten that the United States of America was built on just this concept: the government serves the people. This is a radical idea even today. Many politicians believe that the citizens are there for the sake of the politician, instead of the other way around.

High ranking government officials seem to believe that the government exists so that they can have job security and status. So they can have a nice retirement package if they do one term of service.

No, it is the other way around. The government is there so that it can provide for the common defense (which it so often has failed to do lately) and to allow honest people to work with each other in a free-market economy.

The reason this has digressed so far from the ideal which we had is the failure of the citizens to understand that they have the leadership role, that they are the ones responsible for the quality of government.

We get the government we deserve, whether or not we vote!

Here's some articles to help you maintain the path of responsible citizenship. Here's a hint: Think economics first, then policy. For example, if you can not do "deficit spending" at home for long, why should you believe economists and politicians that say the government can do it?

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