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 A big part of our spirituality is reflected in our ability to have quality relationships with quality people. To make yourself more attractive to quality people takes some time, but it is well worth the investment! Besides, it is practice for working on your relationship skills, which you will use with God as well!

 Compassion helps you to learn to spend more time thinking about others, and less time thinking about yourself.

 Our section on growth helps you to learn to be less dependent and become more independent. It also starts you on your journey toward needing others and having others need you. That's called interdependence.

 Spirituality is something that few people develop, and many people truly admire. To learn of my personal relationship with God (as I understand God) read My Gospel. Divorce is an awful event to undergo, but what does God say about it, really?

Oh, if you want to read something that slaps many Christians in the face, and has to do with relationships, read "Personal Relationship with Jesus, Hah!"

If you have a sense of humor, click here to take an unusual personality test.

While you are looking for someone, practice being nice to someone that you already know, by sending them a card. Are they celebrating something? Are they hurting? What kind of touch do they want right now that you can send a card to share with them?