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Yes, not only did my children and I play Pokemon, and DDO together for years, but we also enjoyed RuneScape, along with my brother.

If you think Poke-mon, Runescape, or DDO is evil click here.

We confess, that we benefit greatly from using the guides at the wonderful fan sites at or which we all highly recommend for tips and assistance. There are other great fan sites, which you can find by using or other search engines and typing in "runescape fan" in the search box. (You'll get,, and, among others, for example.) There's also which is another great fan site.

For help with clues


Fraud on eBay!

On February 21st, 2005, I was contacted by the winner of an eBay auction, for ebay item number 8172198746, by eBay member sirscotty6, who was claiming to be selling his Runescape account. Unfortunately, he was using my characters' statistics in his claims and images. Fortunately, the winner was able to hold on to his money, and I hope he has learned his lesson. I am working with the staff at eBay to ban the fraud, sirscotty6. My account is not for sale, never has been for sale, and won't be for sale, ever. If you want to see the item, please go to and and enter the item number 8172198746 in the search. Then you can look at his statistics graphic, and realize it is mine.


Below are our family's characters. We used to have dynamic graphics showing their stats, but based on the fraud on eBay mentioned above, and the problems we had with keeping them updated, I have taken them down. If you want our stats, simply use the "high scores" feature at the runescape website, and you can see easily them. If you use "Swiftswitch" from then you can also use their "lookup" feature as well.

Lcdrswizzle, Dash_Render2, Amy_Portal, Cossakking,
Don_Key_O_T, Patience10, Donkey_O_Tee, Don_Keyo_T,
Dewewew, Don Quixote0, Frail Wiz and others.


While we have met many neat people (and some very self-centered people) playing the game, here's a list of the characters of people we knew before runescape! There is not room here to list all the great friends we have made through runescape . . . sorry!

DrPepper23, Bear0203, Frnchduderck, SethinRoth, UnHolyGwen,
Thefrnchman, GandalfRckss, Youngbuc120, Alex W 120, Sinister11, Jepuv and others.

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