A Battle Between
Good and Evil?

Many believe that there is a war between "Good" and "Evil". Some call it a 'battle'. Whatever it is, it is either over and done with, or still ongoing. Let's talk.

If this is between good and evil, we have a problem, as none of us are good, none of us. Not 100% anyway. So we all have some evil in us, enough to knock us off the "good" team. So if there is such a war, only God is on the side of Good, no one else.

According to Christian theology, the war is over because it was won at the cross and merely the battle persists. As in Battle of New Orleans, which was fought after the peace treaty (1815) was signed, but no one in New Orleans knew of the signing of the treaty several weeks earlier.

One could say that the war is over and that there is still a battle going on, and it is between:

  • compassion - selfishness
  • serving self  - serving others
  • flesh - spirit
  • maturity - youth

We have the capacity to act out of love by being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, not by acting out of our own understanding of love. We also have the capacity to do what we think is good, but the meaning of 'good' is based on our own interpretation, subject to our prejudices, reasoning, justifications, experience, culture, judgment and mistakes.

Good is a actually a relative term, but love is not. Good is not personified, and Love is.

To do things for one's own purposes, with self at the center, is the opposite of doing things that are done to benefit others and those whom we love. Selfishness, or self-serving is the opposite of love! It is the definition of the word "evil".

Abraham Maslow, upon first creating his pyramid of needs, placed 'self-actualization' at the top. This represented believing and acting at our fullest potential. Later, as other's misunderstood his point, and kept it self-centered, he renamed it 'self-transcendence'. Does that not make the opposite, 'self-absorbtion' the lowest?

The battle is between:

  • love (God-centeredness) and
  • self-centeredness (evil).

Remember that:

  • Love & Truth are personified by Jesus, also known as The Word and The Messiah. Love without Truth is not Love at all. They can not be separated.
  • Evil and self-centeredness are personified by Satan, who was once known as Lucifer, most powerful of the angels. Evil and self-focus also can not be separated. They are twins.

In this "Cosmic" battle of love against self, it is merely an ongoing struggle in the sense that it goes on inside each one of us. The war has been won, we have been equipped for victory in our own struggle. Whatever happens in our own live, the struggle continues inside of others. Whatever happens in others' lives, the struggle continue in ours.

For those that have studied Eastern religions, this will remind you of the "Ying-Yang" symbol. The circle showing the struggle with each side having its moments, and the seed of the other within it.

If this battle is going on inside of you, you may want to think of 'love' and 'evil' as 2 dogs in a fight: the one that has been fed will defeat the one that has been starved.

Do you starve God or yourself? Which dog are you feeding in your daily life? Habits, of themselves are not evil. Only people can be evil. However, habits do tend to feed one of the above dogs. Which dog do your habits feed?