Heaven's Boot Camp

Almost every military in the world has an initial training for the soldiers, which in America is called "boot camp". This training, found world-wide has many of the same goals wherever it is found:

  • To break self-centeredness and to teach teamwork. For example, when the barracks is inspected, if one bed fails, they are all disciplined. They must learn to work together as a team, helping each other, putting the team before themselves.
  • To teach confidence in themselves. They are given physically demanding training and tasks, at which they will visibly improve and which they will conquer. They are given victories they did not know they could achieve.
  • To teach confidence in their team-mates. They are given complex tasks that are individually impossible to achieve, yet as their confidence in themselves and each other grows, they accomplish and overcome what was and seemed impossible.
  • To teach confidence in their leaders. They learn that their leaders are preparing them for the future, teaching them skills for victory and survival. While there is little or no emotional involvement with them in the present, there is plenty of evidence of concern and compassion for who they will become in the future.
  • To make them competent for future tasks. They are introduced to skills and equiptment that enhance their chances of survival in battle, as well as those skills and equipment that can lead them to victory.
  • To find each one's particular skills and assign special duties appropriately. Since not all have the same potential for stealthy movement, physical stamina, or using certain tools, it is important to learn where each can perform best, for the sake of the future.
  • To help them see past pain and discomfort, and to see duty and honor and responsibility. Pain and discomfort are real and are unpleasant, and to focus on them is to stay self-centered. When you can overlook personal pain and personal discomfort you are more valuable to the team and more likely to make quality decisions under stress.
  • To weed out those that for whatever reason do not learn these lessons.

Are those goals worthy to attain for people on God's team? Certainly!

I believe we are going through 'boot camp' here on Earth?

Is God preparing some of us while weeding out others? Sure.

Some are going to heaven, and others are not. If you think that any of us are 'good enough' to earn our way into heaven, then you need to read articles in our section on "Relationship with God".

If you believe that we are going to heaven permanently upon our death, you have no 'spiritual war' for which you need preparation. Be advised that you have been misled.

You are not going to heaven 'for ever' once you die! (Neither am I nor anyone else!) Check the Bible!

When Christ returns He brings all His own with Him and establishes His Kingdom on Earth for 1,000 years. His people will be here on Earth with Him. We will have much to do in those thousand years, much to accomplish. We will praise Him in our deeds as well as words. Do you want to be on His team during those 1,000 years?

Welcome to Boot Camp! Oh, by the way, some say that the letters B I B L E stand for: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Think about it!