Born Again, Saved?

For many people these phrases in today's church or Christian society mean that you have joined an elite club, open to only a few. Because I do not believe that, I challenge it here. A birth signifies a new life. Without a new life, and without a new name, there has been no birth.

Jesus is no Savior if He is not Lord.

One does not have scriptural basis for accepting Jesus as Savior while rejecting Him as Lord. Jesus died on the cross to purchase much more than a fire-proof suit for you and me. If 'Savior' is all He is then you should have died as soon as you accepted Him!

No, He came to do more and He wants more.

He 'recruited' you and many others in much the same way that the military recruits soldiers or a college recruits athletes. They do not get chosen just to wear new clothes and uniforms, they get chosen so that they can 'respond'.

"Jesus my Lord" implies some responsibility on our part that "Jesus my Savior" does not. Lords, Kings, Rulers have a right to expect, even demand allegiance and obedience of their subjects.

Jesus wants at least 2 very important things from you.

  1. He wants you to join Him in building the relationship the 2 of you share with each other.
  2. As that relationship grows, He will invite you to join Him in His work. He wants to see which of His 'friends' and 'brothers and sisters' will:
    • go forth as sowers, or
    • go tend the crops, or
    • go out into the harvest.

He has chosen to do His work through His people. He is not primarily looking for those that will call Him 'Lord' and not do what He wants. He is looking for those who will 'do the will of The Father in heaven'.

  • So, is Jesus just a good man?
  • Is Jesus just your Savior?
  • Since you are 'saved', do you have no worries or purpose in life? Has Jesus no use for you? Has He nothing for you to do as part of His Body. (Body cells that do nothing for the body may be called cancer cells!)
  • Or, is Jesus your Lord and Master and Boss?
  • Whom do you serve, yourself or the Risen Lord?

You must choose, and it would do well to choose wisely.