Cancer Cells

The difference between cancer cells and healthy cells is the way they interact with the rest of the cells in the body.

Cancer cells are living cells that "produce after their own kind" yet are not only of no help to the body, they are often fatal to it. You could say that cancer cells are yet another example of "evil" meaning "self-centered". What is so bad about a cell that doesn't co-operate with the rest of its host body?

  • Healthy cells interact with each other in a co-operative way. Healthy cells fulfill functions that serve the body. They do not worry about themselves, they do their job.
  • Cancer cells only interact to consume other cells, convert them into energy and then produce more cancer cells. Truly, cancer cells are self-serving, self-centered and evil.

How can so many foods be designated as cancer-causing? They want to add X-rays to the list of cancer-causing things! By the year 2003 we have "proven" in the medical labs of this planet that almost anything and everything can cause cancer. Yes I exaggerate, but by less than you think! In fact, the list is so long, that I believe the only reason some things aren't on that list is because we haven't thought of testing them yet!

Cancer may well caused by something other than what we eat. It is caused by how we as a society live, and God is doing His best to show us how self-centered and selfish we have become.

How many people do we know that claim to be part of God's church (or synagogue or mosque) yet spend very little time "with the boss" getting directions! I have had many "Christians" tell me that they follow God's will, yet they also tell me that God never speaks to them! Incredible! How can you follow directions you do not receive? I feel like telling them that "Jesus lives" and is alive today, because they are living like He is still dead.

  • They may spend some time, once a week with spiritual co-workers.
  • They don't tithe, nor donate any skills or talents to their local or any other spiritual organization.
  • They spend NO time listening for any personal directions from their spiritual boss.
  • They don't look to Him for any inputs at all.
  • They take others' time and energy, and use it to produce other non-spiritual, self-centered people like themselves.
  • They reinforce their self-centeredness by donating money to their own retirement instead of to someone else's spiritual journey.
  • They buy nice things for themselves, while hoping that God never challenges them on anything.
  • They spend time watching sporting events, yet never exercise their own spiritual muscles.
  • In summary, they do not behave like "healthy" cells in the Body, they behave like cancer cells.

These are the cancer cells in the body of the people of God. Whether they are the cancer cells of the body of Christ, or the cancer cells of the local synagogue or mosque, they are the ones that God is pointing out to us through His analogy called cancer.

The key here is what are YOU going to do about it?

All you can do about it is to decide whether you will be a 'healthy, active, contributing' cell, which enriches the body by being a part of it, or if you will be a 'cancer' cell, leeching of those around it.

It's your call.

Do you want to look forward to spiritual chemo-therapy? If the physical one is so bad, and is fatal to cancer cells, maybe the spiritual version of it is the fire we can expect, and which we must walk through one day. I wonder if you'll be the one left behind in the ashes.

One thing for sure, you won't be able to say "Nobody told me!"