David Seceded Saul
but not on his own timetable

When Saul was king, and people knew that he had lost God's favor, and that David had been chosen by God to be the next King, how did David treat the jealous Saul?

Saul tried to kill David several times, as Saul's plan was to have his own son Jonathan become the next King. Saul really didn't like God's plan anywhere near as much as Saul liked Saul's plan.

I certainly can relate to that, as many times in my life I have preferred "my way" to God's way. Fortunately, He has done things His way and they came out much, much better! For example, I knew whom I wanted to marry, but God had a better idea!

Despite Saul's violent intentions AND actions toward David, David didn't return them.

Twice, David had the chance to kill Saul. Twice. Don't you believe that some of his friends and supporters believed that God gave him those opportunities so that David could secede Saul, NOW? How they must have been upset with this shepherd boy who refused to kill the king and take the job that God had already told all of Israel was his?

David's answer is clear and strong and a great example for many today. David's refusal to kill Saul was based on his accurate belief that Saul was anointed by God for the job, and there was "no way" that David would kill "God's anointed".

So, how many Christians believe that Jews are history? That God has left the Jews because they, like Saul, didn't live up to their end of the bargain with God? The Jews should be thrown into the Red Sea with the Egyptians? Hm?

How many times do Christians say that the Old Testament is dead and 100% replaced by the New Testament? They state the same thing, that the Old Testament has served its purpose and only the New is valid at all. Hm?

If they do happen to be right, then they should take David's attitude and refuse to do or say anything against "God's anointed". To rush God's plan is to risk losing our place in it. After all, isn't that what Saul did? He refused to wait for Samuel, offered the sacrifice himself, and lost God's favor as a result. He decided to do what was tasked to someone else, and stepped out of God's plan, and out of God's favor.

If, and I do stress "if", God is making the replacements listed above, then would it not be better for Christians to take David's attitude toward Saul?

We as Christians would do well to remember that like Saul, the Jews held the title of "God's Chosen People" and like David, we should refuse to take any actions against them. Verbal or otherwise. Let God do things on God's timetable and not take matters into our own hands!

There's a problem with this approach for some Christians. If you do take on David's attitude because you see that you were wrong, then you are using an example from the Old Testament to change your life. Which is no problem for me, but if you think the New Testament has replaced and seceded the Old Testament, making the Old Testament useless, you just proved yourself mistaken!