Handmaiden or Bride?

A very common phrase heard in American Christian Churches these days is the phrase "Bride of Christ". It is used to describe the church, and has biblical backing. Yet, the phrase causes me some concern.

Not the phrase but the focus.

Let me ask you a question, and this is geared towards the people that work very hard on building the church, and making sure that the church they attend gets all the help they can give it.

Note first, that I do not condemn volunteering nor working at a church. I have several decades of such volunteer work behind me, and take it very seriously.

But, if you had to choose between:

  1. Serving the "Bride of Christ", and
  2. Loving the "Groom of the Church"

which would be your first choice?

Serving the bride is a wonderful tradition and goes back to scriptural times. The title for such a position is called a 'hand-maiden'. If you choose this option, it had best not be at the expense of the second.

Loving the groom is what the bride does. If you value the building of the bride, become a part of her by loving the Groom. How does the Groom know you love Him? By your obedience to His voice, according to Him.

We have heard the phrase "Bride of Christ" when the Church talks of herself, but rarely do they remember to mention that they are tasked to help us to love the "Groom of the Church".