Individual notes played by a group of musicians have greater harmony if they pay attention to the conductor & their own sheet of music! They also don't choose what sheet music to bring and follow, they use the sheet provided by the conductor.

It is very rare for a conductor to want the brass section to become good at playing the string instrument parts, or to have the percussion section play the parts for the woodwinds.

No, the conductor wants each instrument to be great at what it is designed for, and to be used in harmony with the others, to create the music.

Drums, therefore, should not spend their time condemning the strings for not being drums. Nor should violins gossip about those tubas not being ... 'stringy'. And clarinets don't need to talk behind the bass violin's back with jokes about "how low can you go?"

Focus on your own strengths and limitaitons, and be what you have been designed to be, and you will fit in the orchestra led by the Master Composer / Conductor. Yes, others are different, and have different strengths.

But if you focus on what you want to be, and how great you want to be, you may not even get off the bench. Oh, you may be on the team, and you may get to join in the pracitce sessions. But for real performances, you may be sitting in the audience.

No conductor in the world wants a musician on the team that doesn't play as part of the team.