Blood-Stained Lenses

picture of open bibleI really love what is called the 'red letter' versions of the Bible, because they allow me an analogy that explains that final Judgment Day, and why I am only slightly worried about it. To get this best, find something with red and black text in a Bible. You know, one of those that puts the words of Christ in red. (I have always wondered why they never put the Words of God in red in the same Bible.) Pick a section like the Sermon on the Mount. You'll see a lot of red, and a little bit of black. Got the picture? Here goes the analogy:

The book of my life is written in the same fashion. Whatever I did right, is printed in black and whatever I did wrong in printed in red.

When I get called to the final Judgment (they will call out my spiritual security number with my last name first, no doubt) and I shuffle up to the court, they will hand that book over to the bailiff, who will give it to the Judge. Just inside the front cover, will be a note to the reader: "This book best read through the glasses stained by the blood of Christ." Similar to the way some websites tell you that they are best viewed with a certain browser. The judge will then put on those blood-red glasses and open the book.

For those of you that may not know, when you were red glasses, you can not see red print. Those part of the book will appear blank.

The Judge's next proclamation will be: "Well Andrey, there sure are a lot of blank pages in your life, and a few places when you actually did something. Even though there are very few entries in your book here, you have only good, quality entries. You have never done anything worthy of death, so you have passed this final judgment. Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter."

I know, you don't believe that. I don't deserve it, either. But, I truly believe that's what going to happen to me. If I'm wrong about that, maybe I'll get a chance to tell you. What I do deserve for the majority of what I have done, has already been executed upon Jesus. He took my place. He took my punishment. He paid for my ticket to heaven in good cash money, called blood.