Who is responsible for Salvation?

Okay, let's get really confused and try to stay Christian. Let's look at when you received salvation. (If you haven't, keep on reading, you are going to laugh!) Or, let's take me as an example, because I have the specific dates. According to some, I 'became' a Christian on July 4th, 1979, because I accepted Jesus into my heart and received salvation. Sound familiar? Guess what? It is not totally correct. There is a scriptural error in that statement that you may not find, because you have heard it so often, you believe it to be true!

Let's go back. When did my salvation get paid for and by whom? Okay, that was easy, it was done by Jesus back on the cross. Was the job completed at that moment? Yes. So what did I do that finished the job that day on the 4th of July back in 1979? NOTHING! There's NOTHING left to do!

If you want to argue that, I understand. But slow down a second. Are you trying to tell me that I did something to 'deserve' salvation. No. Did I do something to 'earn' salvation? No. Is anything about my salvation dependent on anything that I did? NO. So, if we can accept that, then tell me what happened! If you don't really know, then how can you make the statement to people that they must accept Christ as personal Lord and savior or they get to rot in hell? You are putting the onus on THEM, when us Christians put the onus on Jesus for our own lives?

Okay, let me get this really confusing if it already isn't. Before I 'become a Christian' it is my fault that I am not, but after I become a Christian it is Jesus' glory that I am. When did the responsibility shift? Or did it ever belong to me in the first place?

It is not earned nor deserved, that no one should boast!