Satan's involved because ...

Here's another piece that doesn't make sense to modern church-educated Christians: They complain that Satan is involved in their lives! Maybe because of my military background, but I don't get it!

First, let's all agree that there are times that Satan is not attacking someone because they are in "God's Hospital". They are no longer in the front lines, they are resting are recovering.

Also, there are those that are not called to be in the front lines. True. But recent attacks on America and Israel should tell us that we can not chose when we become a target. Many people that never envisioned violence have died violently because evil doesn't care about you. Spiritually, any one can be attacked, not just dedicated spiritual warriors.

If I am at war with the bad guys, and they never send a sniper out to get me, then I know how important it is to them to get me out of the way. In fact, they don't even know I exist. Possibly because I haven't done anything to get their attention. In fact, maybe I haven't even been to the front lines! Maybe I haven't even been through any specialty training yet to cast fear upon them before I get to the front lines!

If they send a sniper after me, and it is one straight out of sniper school, then I know that I have done something to upset them. I haven't done much, nor been a key person, but I have gotten some attention for what has been accomplished.

If they send one of their best after me, it is because I have become a real pain in the neck to them, and they really, really want me out of the picture. I have become notorious in the eyes of the enemy.

If they send their absolute best after me, heh-heh, boy am I getting under their skin. It means that much is happening that is good. It also means that they are getting desperate. They MUST remove me and my influence from the scene of battle.

If you understand what I am getting at, you know that I take it to be an honor when Satan shows up in my life! I know he's getting . . . upset. But I also know that he can not really do very much to me, because I have a great security team in place. I didn't recruit them, my Commanding Officer did!

By the way, if the enemy is making NO EFFORT to get you, if your life is going great guns all the time and there are no bumps, what does that say about your contribution to the spiritual battle? Besides, its not how great your life is going that matters, it's whether or not God's will is progressing!

True, if there is no war, then I would be wrong in my conclusions. There are those that are at peace with Satan.

“The best way to defeat the enemy is to not let them know you are fighting them” - Ancient Chinese Proverb