Focusing on Spiritual Growth?

Are you so concerned about your spiritual growth that it is the main focus of your life?

Before I get too negative regarding that focus, let me remind people that broken bones really do need a lot of attention, as do other physical and emotional ailments. The first step of healing is often that kind of intense focus. But it is only the first step. It is critical, but I warn here about people that don't go beyond focusing on themselves.

Well, I may be wrong, but that's what happened to both me and many I have worked with over the years. We stayed more immature for more years than necessary, because we focused too much on own own spirituality, our own maturity, our own growth. We didn't realize how short-sighted and self-centered that was.

Your growth is not your responsibility, nor can you do anything about it. (Isn't that a wonderful thing to hear from a professionally trained counselor?)

Just like happiness is never achieved, except as a secondary result of chasing something else, the same is true of our growth.

Forget getting God to bless your self-centered efforts. Forget getting God to bless your career, your day, your ministry. Don't be a ball-player on the team that brings their own ball, only to find out that the coach and the team is playing a different sport. Keep your baseball at home when the coach is looking for basketball players.

Instead, ask the coach what He is doing, what kind of team He is trying to put together, and beg Him to be allowed to try out for the team. You will have to submit to the coach, in order to join the team. That means showing up for practice when he says to show up. Playing the position he wants you to play. Doing the stretching exercises that the coach 'recommends'.

In other words, don't ask and pray for "God's Will in your life", instead ask and pray to know "God's Will" around you, and then once it is revealed, go join in.

You can't show up with great plans for your career, because you don't even know what position (what part of the body) you will play, until the coach tells you. You may not want to rely on your self-analysis of your talents, because you can't see them as well as the coach can. You may be biased by what you like and dislike. Unless you are nothing like me.