Carpenter's Tools

- A "Phillips Head" screwdriver has a cross-shaped blade, which means that it works best with screws that already have an imprint of the cross on them! Since these screws come in so many sizes, so do these screwdrivers.
- A "Straight Blade" screwdriver however, works best with screws that have slots that are "straight". Since these screws also come in many sizes, so do these screwdrivers!
- Then we have bolts, many with six-sided heads, but some have four sides. Not only do these also come in many sizes, but these sizes are measured in at least two different ways, known as 'English' and 'Metric'. So, many different kinds of wrenches are needed to work with the various bolts and nuts found in the world.
- Have we mentioned nails yet? Here we will find greater flexibility, in that it may be possible to need only one or two hammers to deal with the dozens of different nails, but the problem of knowing which nail is best in each situation is just as wide in scope as the question of which screw or bolt is best.
- Have we mentioned the different kinds of building materials? The dozens of woods and wood-products, sheet rock, tiles, support beams, etc, etc. Dozens of types, grades, sizes.

Why all this variety? Wouldn't a Master Carpenter just change the whole situation and make it simpler? Why all the options?

Because each item has strengths and weaknesses which make is best suited for a specific task, and there are dozens of different tasks.

No one tool, or screw, or board or material can meet all the needs of the carpenter, or the carpenter's customers.

It is the acceptance of the need for the variety, and an understanding of it, and skill in using the right tool for the right job at the right time that brings one closer to being a better carpenter.

Are you trying to understand a great carpenter? Are you a customer of His? Do you want to be a tool for Him? It may help to accept His need for a variety of tools, many of which are nothing like you! So, stop complaining about the number of denominations. Stop whining about how other's are "wrong" and you are "right". Thank God that more and more people are turning to Him, and away from themselves.