"Daddy, how does an iron get out wrinkles?"

"Well, it uses moisture (see the holes?), heat (it's pretty hot!) and pressure (the iron is heavy) in a combination to get the wrinkles out of clothes. That's because without the combination of moisture, heat and pressure, the clothes won't straighten out."

I felt so good giving that answer. I had done another 'good Daddy deed' for the records. But I didn't feel . . . finished. As I thought about what I had said, I stopped stirring my coffee. My children, satisfied with what they had heard, left the room, and didn't see the look on my face.

First, let me give you the scriptual analogy for the three-prongs of the iron's attack on wrinkles:

  • water = people, or nations
  • heat = fire, the Holy Spirit
  • pressure = Satan, our sins, life on earth

Without the combination of the three, we don't get straightened out, or do we?

The 'pressure' is always there, but we don't always react to it in a positive way. Put a cold iron on a the shirt or blouse and see what I mean: nothing happens.

We need the 'heat', the Holy Spirit to guide us through the pressure. To be molded and shaped, or flattened out or straightened out. Using an iron that is hot shows you how well this works. Yet, there is a danger of burning, of being over-exposed.

The 'moisture' or 'water', interaction with other people helps us to process what is happening. It also helps the process to end in success!

So, you can complain about the pressure, but you can't get rid of it! You need the heat to guide you through it, and you need the moisture to handle the heat!

Oh, so who is holding the iron in your life? Is it you, trying to mold and shape you into the image you want to be? Or is it God?