You came to this page, because you think that my attempt to find something good in something that is evil is an awful thing for me to do, and very dangerous. You are convinced that my efforts are "anti-Christian" and naive. You are convinced I should stay away from the things I discuss.

You want to convince me of the evils with which I am 'playing', and how I need to reconsider my views and read more scripture on this.

You are convinced that I am delving into evil, and want to warn me of the dangers to myself, and want me to reconsider my efforts.

Okay, let's not argue about whether I am dallying in evil areas. For the purposes of this page, let's agree that you are correct.

Well, that means that I am going into dangerous, evil territory. I am entering a spiritual minefield that can result in hurt to myself and others.

Let's continue to use this military analogy. You think I am entering a dangerous, uncharted mine-field and am in danger. Like most mine-fields, it is placed there to protect someone or something. It is there so that people do not cross, and do not get to the other side.

I am convinced that there are spiritual prisoners on the other side of this mine-field, and that someone needs to cross it to get to them, and then lead them back to this side.

The only people that should enter or cross mine-fields are those that are sent to either disarm them or those that need to pass through them.

I spent 22 years with the United States Navy and understand the military mind set, and the mission of the soldier. It is not a mission for just anyone, it is only for those chosen for such work. It is not mainly an honor, it is a huge responsibility.

I do not look down upon those that fight this spiritual battle on the home front, for their prayers, and their support is very, very important to the body of the Bride of Christ.

Crossing mine-fields is not for anyone other than those that are called to do so!

I believe that I am sent to go through these minefields so that I can get to people on the other side and lead them out. I will have to cross twice. Once as I reach out to them, and secondly, as I lead them back across.

You are right, it is dangerous work. Only trained soldiers should go through minefields, most people should stay away.

If you are one of those that should stay away, you are not called to this battle, to this mission of extracting the prisoners, then I ask you for a few favors:

Please pray for me on this journey. If you feel led by God to do so, then you may even want to fast for the efforts here, of bringing people out of such bondage.

Don't read the material that I am reviewing, as it probably will not help you in your spiritual walk. Focus on scripture, sound Bible teaching, and the Voice of God as He speaks to you.

Thank you from your brother in Christ,


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