Miracle Meat Loaf

No, this is not a recipe for great meat loaf, this is a story about how God used meat loaf in our life to really, really help us take care of one of us.

Our dog Sassy tore her ACL in her right rear leg. We have no idea how she did it, but we do know she is about 9 and 1/2 years old (human years!) and has had joint trouble for the last 3 years.

She is a mutt, half Chow and half Huskie, we think. A beautiful dog, and so we have been told on many a walk through neighborhood, parks and beaches by the people we meet.

So, after checking our budget, I decided we could not afford the surgery necessary to help her get full use of that leg again.

Then we learned about a check we were expecting (relating to my disability status) and found that they recalculated the amount due me, and the amount was almost equal to the cost of the surgery. Now we could afford the procedure for her!

All went well, until we had to force her mouth open to take the pain pills and the antibiotics. She was too smart for "Pill Pockets" to work. She would eat the Pill Pocket and then spit out the pill. Nothing was working and it was a great struggle with no one feeling like a winner.

Then my son had a brilliant idea.

"What about the meat loaf we made 2 days ago, that we did not finish and Mom wants to through out?"

We gave her a small piece, which she "chowed" done immediately, with wagging tail and bright eyes.

We then gave her 2 more small pieces, but this time each piece had a pill inside it. With baited breath we watched as she happily chewed and almost immediately swallowed both. It worked!

We had a happy dog who got a treat. We had a happy son (who had taken over the job of being her main theraputic provider) because Sassy had taken her pills and of course, I was happy.

Actually, I was more than happy. I was happy that Sassy was getting her medication and I was both happy and proud of my son for how he handled and solved the situation.

It's embarrasing to admit, but it took almost 24 hours before I realized that I also should have been happy that the meat loaf I made did not turn out great, and was there for us to use for Sassy. Usually when I make it, it's all gone in 2 or at most 3 days because it's great stuff. This time it wasn't.

I also finally realized that God was behing both the timing of the meat loaf (I made it the day before we learned that she was going to need surgery) and the quality of it.

Everything has turned out great, and none of us can take credit for it. We did not "plan" to have lousy meat loaf available to hide her pills. We had no idea how well this would work.

God did.

Once gain, He touched our lives.

This time, with meat loaf!