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Open Letter to Satan

For those of you that are Christians, you should not be upset that I believe Satan exists. I do. I also believe that the battle is over, and the war has been won. I believe Satan is in denial of that fact, and is trying to win what can not be won. I believe Satan has gotten some crumbs over the years, but overall will be a huge failure when history looks back on Him. Here's the letter:

Sometime late in 1992


Deep down inside you probably regret trying to overthrow God. He told Lucifer (his brightest and best angel) that the angels were created to serve mankind. A mankind that doesn't deserve that kind of service or caring. A mankind that often would act immaturely. A mankind that any angel with dignity (pride) could look down upon, think of with disgust, and finally, learn to despise and hate. These emotions grew into a two-fold mission born out of your selfish pride, self-centeredness and self-righteousness: (1) Overthrow the God that put you in the position of serving human scum, and (2) destroy that scum as much as possible. After all, you were made so much better than they, you deserved to have them serve you, not vice versa, in your eyes.

God cared for us from the start, and even before it, as any parent for their children. (That's why He wanted angels to help care for us as we grew.) You never realized that God demands justice. He loves His people, yet hates their selfish and self-centered behaviors. He also loves His angels, yet hates selfish behaviors in them, too. Jesus understood the predicament that we humans were in. He decided to fulfill God's justice by taking upon Himself what we humans deserved.

You knew He was going to do that, but you did not how. You have always grasped the concept of power based on strength, but you still haven't understood the concept of power based on love. You expected Jesus to come upon you as a conquering king, to save his 'chosen people'. (You really hate them, don't you?) You didn't realize that He had a bigger plan, to save everyone, not just them, from your grip,. You pride yourself on your ability to out-think others, but really are upset that Christ out-smarted and out-flanked you. It sounds like a real bummer.

I know that you have the same primary goal for every human being: to stop them from developing a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus and His Father, and having failed in that in several cases, you move on to your secondary goal of stopping them from helping others do the same. Certainly if they focus on helping others, then they have reduced their self-centeredness, which hurts you.

I wish you could quit, and give in to Jesus the way some humans have, but to do that you would have to admit you've been wrong, and develop compassion for others which would be tough for some one filled with pride as much as you are. While your self-awareness is high enough for you to make the right step, your self-centered pride won't let you. It's truly unfortunate.

Yes, you were God's greatest angel. You were brighter, sharper, smarter and more powerful than the others. Your leadership got you 1 angel out of every 3 to join you. The funny part is that you don't even realize what that means. You try to think of what you could have done differently to get at least a few more angels, maybe even a majority of them. You poor, pitiful fool. You have no way of grasping the situation accurately, because of your viewpoint. Power based on strength or intelligence can NEVER do more convincing than love can, especially not of those who have both experienced love and allowed it to grow (or in your view, fester) in their hearts. The same is true of power based on self-interest at the expense of others. It can only flourish for a short while, like a weed. Like many weeds, they do better where there is no gardener. I have heard it said that in any struggle between power and patience, always bet on patience. The same is true of any struggle between love and greed. In the short run, greed will have its way, but in the long run, love will always have the upper hand.

I know the angels that went with you know Jesus will torture them at the end, in return for what you guys have done to us over the centuries. I know you know how it all ends. Yet, I don't think you realize that you are doing God a real favor. Let me illustrate. Many humans have answering machines hooked up to their telephones and use them to screen their calls. They don't want to spend time with self-centered people (like solicitors) that have no sympathy for their agendas because their own is so important. This screening system is a great way to keep people apart from each other, at least allowing the ones at home to control when they interact with uninvited interruptions.

Well, you are God's 'screening system'. He has offered the gift of immortality to all humans that will take it, as you know. (Even better, He'll even give them bodies that won't age!) However, who would want to spend 1000 centuries (or even 1000 seconds) with self-centered, self-important, self-righteous people that are too immature to be good company? He allows those that choose to be that way, to be trapped by you. Yes, the secret is out. He's not fighting you for all of them. He knows some of His children will not grow up and amount to much. He allows them that. He only fights for those that want Him more than they want you. Anyone that stays a short-term thinker can't really handle eternity anyway. Self-centered, greedy, self-righteous people who refuse to grow out of that self-centeredness are all yours. They won't make it to the heavenly party. Thanks for giving us a higher quality of immortal life.

You've done so much for me, showing me evil and helping me to try to show others love. You are so good at what you do. Too bad your own selfish pride disqualifies you for the gift of eternal life. Every time you make another play at my wife or my son, or my daughter, I'll be standing there, under the authority given me by the one upon whose shoulders the government rests, to defend them. I know you'll try again and again, history shows you are persistant. You may not recognize me when you come, but you'll recognize the armor I wear. I love them, and my extended family, too much to live eternally without them. I know you're coming after us again, and I thank God that He will win over you in our lives. In my self-centered view of life, I do not have the power to stop you. The reality is that I don't need to have that power, because The One Who Lives In Me has that power, and cheerfully uses it to protect me and those I love.


One of those you refused to serve.

P.S. (March, 1999) I have recently been touched with the overwhelming importance of intercession and am increasing my involvement in it. I congratulate you on how well you have hidden this from me, and distracted me from applying myself to learn it over these years. You are very good! Oops, I meant to say that you are very competent. I know you already knew my realization of the treasure of intercession, and you will fight me in my resolve to actually do it now, but for those that are getting a copy of this, and understand what they have read, it is excitingly good news. Yes, I have joined the special operations team known as intercessors.

It's really amazing, because I have believed for a long time that a 'modern' definition of 'evil' is 'self-centered'. I didn't realize that by focusing on my spiritual growth, I was still being 'self-centered'.  It took over a decade after that to realize that the opposite of 'self-centered', in the spiritual realm, is 'intercession'.

That by praying, not for what I or others want, but by praying for God's specific desires in other peoples' lives, one is the opposite of self-centeredness. Of course, I have no idea what specifics God wants in anyone's life, so I can't list them. I just pray for those specifics, whatever they are, to come about. You already know, and my readers will be shocked to read that I pray the same for you.