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What is "The Truth"?

If the Truth is so simple, why does the United States Court System have people swear the following oath before they testify: "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" It is a wonderful oath, covering everything within reason and logic, and knowledge. It however does not cover the things that we neither know nor understand.

I can not tell you the truth about the history of the planet Mars, because I know very little about it. I can not tell you the truth about the chemical process that turns . . . well, about just any chemical process, because I know very little about that stuff.

I could tell you all I know about these things, I could tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what I know of the history of Mars, and I would not tell you much at all. It would be a speech of little value to you. The point is that I can only tell you my perception of the truth, my knowledge of the truth, or what I believe that I understand of the truth. I can also be honest and tell you that there are times when I know little of what you seek.

So, what is the Truth about God and Heaven and After-life? After what I have said so far, how can I offer to answer that question? By analogy, of course! Besides, I have pursued the answers to those questions for many, many years.

Let me give you a short analogy, that makes a similar point: You may remember from your geometry class that if you add the measurement of the three angles in a triangle, the total is ALWAYS 180 degrees. If you didn't have that great training, or have forgotten it, then trust me when I say that this little hypothesis about the 'sum of the angles of a triangle' is key to much of geometry. It is basic, it is foundational and I can prove it . . . incomplete.

How? First let's remember a LIMITATION of geometry and triangles drawn on paper: Everything drawn on paper is two-dimensional, but life is NOT. If you were to take a globe of this wonderful planet, and draw a triangle on it, you will RARELY get 180 degrees as the total! For example, if you draw a triangle from the North Pole to the Equator, covering one fourth of the Northern Hemisphere, your triangle would have three ninety degree angles, totaling 270 degrees!

So what is taken as absolute truth in a two-dimensional world, is found to not be true in a three-dimensional world!

Since it is easy to forget that life on earth has a spiritual dimension to it as well, we forget that 'logical' truths do not hold up in reality! That's why so many economic and political theories collapse: on paper, they look great. But when applied to a nation or society full of less-than-perfect human beings, all of whom are unique, with unique talents and gifts and goals, it just doesn't add up anymore!

To see how most religions FAIL miserably in a similar way, read "The One True Shape."

For those that want to research some facts which the Christian Church has really blown, here are some great, thought provoking articles written by my good friend, Roy Reinhold. But beware, the author uses a lot of references and you'll need to digest slowly. Initial reactions won't help you unless you go past them!

There are times I confess, that I ask "What difference does it make to know these historical facts?" After all, they happened so long ago, and in today's world they are seemingly unimportant. Then I remember that one of the claims of Christianity is that it is not based on a philosophy, but based on a historical life of an individual who fulfilled prophecies made long before He walked the earth. Historical facts is what apologists for the faith refer to again and again.

When we have the historical facts wrong, we mislead people inside the Church and those outside that are seeking God. Not only that, but we have been told that we "... shall know the truth, and the truth shall set us free." Sometimes, we don't need to know what we shall be freed from, but we still need the freedom! It is important to get these facts right!

These and others written by my good friend Roy Reinhold, can be found at his website.