The wonder of numbers.

Here's something amazing, at least to those that are mathematically inclined. You may ask what this has with spirituality, and I return the question to you. Can you see the connection between this math 'trick' and spirituality?

First: Multiply 37037 by any single number (1 through 9).

Next: Then multiply that answer by 3.

Notice your answer, as you have gotten your original number again!

To help those who are mathematically-impaired, here's the first step for several numbers:

37037 times 1 equals 37,037. That times 3 equals 111,111.

37037 times 2 equals 74,074. That times 3 equals 222,222.

37037 times 3 equals 111,111. That times 3 equals 333,333.

I will let you check the rest!

As to the spirituality link, what is your thought? to get a personal email from me on this. Please take a stab at it in your email first, if you have a thought on it!

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