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History of "Thanksgiving"

I owe many people an apology, as I had posted an email here that I thought was the original, valid content of Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation. It was here from 1999 to 2001.

In early November, 2001, Gary asked me for my source. I not only couldn't find it, but when I did a thorough check of the web, I found that I had been fooled. I found George Washington's declaration, I found one from 1721 in Connecticut, and I found two versions of Abraham Lincoln's declaration. So, I put those for up, for just two days.

Then I learned even better. There is a web site that so thoroughly goes into the background of Thanksgiving, with the apparently correct version of the Lincoln proclamation (the incorrect one reads closely to what Washington actually did during his tenure as president.).

So, here's a link to that website that handles "The History of Thanksgiving" so well: