Personality Quiz

See interpretations below, but before going on, repeat your wish!

Question 1: This will define your priorities in life: 

1. Cow means career
2. Tiger means pride
3. Sheep means love
4. Horse means family
5. Monkey means money

Question 2:

1. Your description of DOG implies your own personality.
2. Your description of CAT implies your partner's personality.
3. You description of RAT implies your enemy's personality.
4. Your description of COFFEE is how you interpret sex.
5. Your description of OCEAN implies your own life.

Question 3: 

1. YELLOW - someone who will never forget you.
2. ORANGE - someone whom you can consider your real friend.
3. RED - someone you really love.
4. WHITE - you soul-mate.
5. GREEN - someone you will always remember for the rest of your life.

Chapter 4: You have to send this to as many people as your number states, and your wish will come true on the day you stated.

By the way, I really took my time with this, and my answers were:

1. Horse, Sheep, Cow, Tiger, Monkey.
2. Enthusiastic, Soft, Evil, Wonderful, Alive.
3. Names withheld as this is very personal. I will say that I was surprised by how accurate this part was!
4. Thirteen. Monday.