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Where is God's Perfection?

A reader recently wrote that:

"The original COPYRIGHTED story is at https://www.artscroll.com/Chapters/eomh-005.html Your version was rewrite that stripped out all the Jewish elements. Typical Christian modus operandi in my opinion."

This reader was right. Someone had taken the original story, stripped it of all the Jewish references and republished it by email. It was forwarded on to me, and I liked it so much I put it up here.

I was ignorant of what had happened, but I now had the chance to make up for that ignorance, and I took action. I respect and admire Shaya's father, and want to honor him.

I have deleted the "cleansed" version, and in deference to the original story,

link to it above
instead of copying it here.

Note: I have also seen a version of this story (by email, again) that places it in an orphanage in Ukraine and another in a small town in India. I recently received a version of it where the child was renamed "Shay".

Isn't it amazing what some "Christian's" will do? Yet, it is not necessary, for God will bring out the truth without our deviousness! Even if our deviousness is well intentioned or in ignorance at some level!