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Step 3
Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

Note, that God is not defined here. A full definition of God is not so easily attained, nor is that the issue. The point here is to do something radically different than worshipping our drug-of-choice, and ourselves.

It is to turn our life over to that "higher power" mentioned in step two, so that we can move upward in life. Remember, we have already decided that without the intervention of a higher power, we are without hope.

This is not a matter of knowledge, but a matter of trust. For some, it is a matter of desperation.

We have said that the higher power MUST exist, or we have no hope. Now we allow that 'higher power' to take the reins of our life. We take a step of trusting something or someone other than our drug-of-choice.

The other part to this step, is to stop being so self-serving. Rather than doing what we want when we want because we want, we slow down, and consider others around us and consider long-term results and consider what is 'best' from another point of view.

That, for some, is very, very hard to do. You may have heard the phrase "Let Go and Let God". That's this step in a nutshell.

You may have heard the phrase, which is related to this step, saying, "Put Jesus on the throne of your life." For some, that's what this step is about. Let's remember, that there's a very good reason for not definnig "God" in this step, and just trust the process that has helped so many others.

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